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Carmelo Anthony’s Pregnant Side Chick Is Not A Stripper. She Is...

On 17th April 2017, the news came that Carmelo Anthony and his wife La La have separated after seven years of marriage. The split took place due to an unknown stripper with whom Carmelo has an affair with. It was also reported that the stripper is pregnant with Melo's baby.According to news.com.au, when Carmelo's wife got the news, she moved out from their home and has also filed for a divorce. La La is now living at her own place in New York City.Now, a friend of Carmelo has made a shocking revelation about the unknown woman. Know more about Carmelo's unknown lover here.

Carmelo is in a relationship with a girl named Mia Angel Burks, and it has been reported that she is not a stripper.

Mia graduated from Northwestern University in the US and has a degree in health communication.

Anthony Jacobs, a friend of Melo, revealed the details of his relationship with Burks.

He told WGCI FM station that Melo and Burks first met at a club in Chicago.

We don't know how much the statements of Jacobs' are true, but when you watch the video in the end, it will compel you to believe what he is saying.

They both fell for each other after their first meeting.

Angel used to fly to New York to meet Melo, and his wife didn't know anything about it.

Jacobs also said that Burks never intended to harm Melo's marriage.

He also said that Mia is neither a stripper nor a dancer. She lives a normal life.

La La has not responded to this yet.

La La and Melo are fighting for the custody of their only son, Kiyan.

They both agreed to make this issue a fast one because they don't want their son to suffer due to their problems.

The custody will be decided without going to the court but, in front of their lawyers.

It is also believed that 10-year-old Kiyan will live with his mom, La La Anthony.