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This Happened At Taj Mahal, And It Just Shows How Religious Conflicts Take Birth In India

As it turns out another brawl has taken place recently in the state of UP. In the city known for the monument, Taj Mahal as a sign of love and romance was made the target this time. And, people from different right-wing organizations had problems on what is said to be an administrative lookout. Well, you'll not be left in the dark for long; as you scroll you'll know what all happened and what Saturday holds for you.

Supermodel International Contest

There was a Supermodel International Contest held in Delhi between 12th April and 22nd April. Agra being a tourist attraction for people who visit India most certainly made the 34 models in Delhi to travel the Taj Mahal for contest reason. Because of the scorching heat, they bought saffron scarves to cover their head. 

After arriving Taj Mahal...

The models were asked to unwrap those scarves before entering the monument, which was a standard protocol as told by Brij Bhushan, Commandant, Central Industrial Security Force (CISF). According to the reports of TOI, Brij quoted, "Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) through an order has stated that all sorts of religious symbols are banned from being taken inside a protected monument. Such scarves are among them. Our intention is not to hurt anyone's religious sentiments, but to maintain peace and harmony."But, as it turned out Hindu Jagran Manch (HJM) and Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) weren't happy with what happened and portrayed it as a religious agenda making an issue out of it.

And this is how they'll react

Even after Brij stating that the models were asked to leave their individual country flags outside too.Sunil Sharma, city coordinator (enrollment cell), BJYM (Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha) took it as hurting other people's religious sentiments and has commented on the same by saying - "Our intention is not to stoke religious sentiments, but we will enter the Taj wearing saffron attire and scarves on Saturday. We will see how they stop us. This is our government. Officials cannot hurt people's sentiments."; with protests continuing in Agra.In addition to this Avinash Rana, general secretary of HJM (Hindu Jagran Manch), Agra said - "In past also such incidents had happened, but now we will not tolerate this. It is shameful that ASI and CISF officials behaved in this irresponsible manner. Why don't they stop people wearing skull caps from entering?"The rest is history, as Avinash says. Let's hope for the best tomorrow! Till then, Subscribe