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How Does It Feel To Be A Muslim And A Gay Both At The Same Time?

Lia Darjes, a Berlin-based photographer, was working on a research project about the struggles of individuals who are both Queer and Muslim. Her series “Being Queer, Feeling Muslim”, in which she shot and captured the stories of LGBTQ Muslims is an eye opener as they don’t get treated as normal individuals and there are some countries that even have capital punishment for being homosexual. In her project, she travelled through Europe and US and met individuals about their sexuality. Being a heterosexual non-Muslim photographer, it was a challenging assignment, but she explored a lot to know about the people who have gone through severe discrimination for being LGBT people, Muslims, and minorities. Her commendable research shows us the other side of the coin.

Ludovic, a Muslim gay closely felt how you become socially unacceptable when you choose your sexuality.

He says that in France, he found no imam who doesn’t accept a Gay Muslim or a Transsexual Muslim. He even found a Mosque which has no bar of sexuality before entering.

Samaira isn’t able to understand the difficulties that people face for not prejudicing Muslims.

Samaira is a girl whose family migrated to Canada in 1979, and her parents very well knew that she is a Lesbian and there were no issues about it. But, when 9/11 occurred, people started looking at all Muslims as terrorists and their behaviour changed towards them. This makes her think that why people are not able to accept Islam being as diversified as Christianity? Why this prejudice prevails?

Joey, a Los Angeles Resident used to be an Atheist before he read this powerful novel.

Joey was an Atheist before he read Michael Muhammad Knight’s novel, “The Taqwacores” which is about a Muslim Punk Movement that turned out to be a reality after being published. Before that, he used to find it difficult putting Islam and LGBT Community together. But, it opened his eyes, and he fancied to believe that you decide what to interpret out of a source.

Amin thinks that he is a warrior.

Amin thinks that he is fighting two battles altogether, one being a Gay and another being a Muslim. Being in Los Angeles, he isn’t happy with the fact that gay Muslims have the right to pray in a Mosque. It’s just that he feels uncomfortable in all prospects of life.

El-Farouk along with the husband feels that Quran isn’t against LGBTQ people.

He was a gay and believes that being a gay isn’t a sin. Neither Quran nor Prophet has ever mentioned that being an LGBTQ is a sin. Rather, God himself has chosen our sexuality, so why would he ever consider it sinful? It’s just the people who interpret their own meanings.

Sara always feels motivated, and no religion has sub-limited her faith.

She is a Queer Muslim and has never felt that being a Muslim is ever coming her way. Muslims women act and behave differently, but she has always been confident and open about what she is, without any hesitation.

Jason had a perception that if he converts to Islam, he will be connected to God.

When Jason converted to Islam a couple of years ago, he was under a notion that he will have a connection to the God. Afterwards, he realized that he is being negative about everything.