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Prince William Opens Up About The Death Of His Mum And Reveals This

The Duke of Cambridge, 34, Prince William has discussed his feeling about how the death of his mother, Princess Diana in 1997 (car crash) prompted him to speak about the mental health.Father of two had said that "I have my reasons for getting involved with mental health with what happened with my mum when I was younger. I still feel the shock within me."Let's find out more!

Prince William opens up after his brother, Prince Harry.

Prince William's interview floats in the media right after Prince Harry's statement that "I found myself in a state of 'chaos' and close to a 'complete breakdown' in dealing with the grief."

In this picture, Princess Diana with Prince Harry and William (1995).

The royal duo is featured in the show Mind Over Marathon. According to BBC, "As part of the BBC mental health season ‘Minds Matter’, Mind Over Marathon follows 10 people affected by mental health issues as they attempt to run the London marathon."

(left to right) Earl Spencer, Prince Williams, Harry and Charles at Diana's funeral in 1997.

Prince William talks to the pop superstar, Lady Gaga about mental health in Beeb documentary.

Prince William was asked: "When your mum passed away you were a bit older than my children. I worry about them growing up. They’ll be OK won’t they?"The prince of royal family replied: "They’ll be okay. With a mum like you, they’ll be fine."

She talked to Prince William via FaceTime.

Prince William followed the same footsteps like his brother Prince Harry while talking about mental health.

Prince Harry revealed in his interview that he was almost close to a mental breakdown after the death of his mother.

Princess Diana with Prince William, Cardiff (1991).

A  year ago, Prince Harry launched the mental health campaign alongside brother Prince William.

"I still feel 20 years later with my mother . . . I still feel the rage within me. You think emotion can’t last that long, but it does. You never get over it. It’s such an unbelievably big moment in your life. It never leaves you, you just learn to deal with it," says Prince William to pop star, Gaga.

Prince William says...

"You’ll provide the blanket of security and understanding that they’ll need. You doing this is a hugely positive step. The Duke of Cambridge also said society is on the cusp of a breakthrough in the understanding of mental health," says Prince William.

He also said that:

"We need to make mental health healthy. Working with the air ambulance at the moment I’ve seen a lot of sad situations involving suicide and self-harm," says Prince William.