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Nobody Has Been Able To Figure Out What This Tool Is For, Can You?

This has been causing a bit of a buzz on social media between DIY enthusiasts. You see, there's a tool which was once very common but now nobody seems to recognize it. The question is, can you?

#1. A Quick Look

So, this is the tool that's causing all the controversy. When it was posted online under the tag "do you remember?" It turned out that the majority of people didn't remember it. In fact, when they tried to guess, they were a long way off base. We wonder if you'll do better?

#2. Gardening Tool?

A lot of people seemed to think that our mystery tool was, in fact, designed to help you work in the garden. Most of them didn't seem to know what the tool should do once you go to the garden, though.

#3. Clamming Up?

There was also quite a bit of speculation that our tool was for opening clams or shellfish. That wasn't the right answer, either.

#4. A Clue

This is your last chance to take a guess before we reveal the answer. If you don't recognize this kind of industrial facility, it's an oil refinery.

#5. It's An Oil Spout

One of the things that threw most people's guesses off was the angle from which the photograph was taken. If it had been taken from this kind of view, it would have been much easier to guess, wouldn't it?

#6. Very Common 

The oil spout is pretty much gone from most people's lives now, at least in this form, but it used to be very common indeed.

#7. The Oil Spout In Action

This is what an oil spout looked like in use. The pointy end that you can see in the original image is driven into the can. Then it allows the oil to flow down the spout.