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The Way You Drive Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

From the time we’re kids, we start with learning how to ride our bicycles and move our way up to driving cars. Some do reach to a level of being capable of driving trucks and tractors, the heavy goods vehicle but let’s keep the spectrum to the normal lives led by not-so-normal people. “Good habits develop good character” a quote heard by a lot of you, still we forget to read between the lines. Seldom, our mindset is influenced by the way we do things. Moving further with the same thought, on reading over here, you’ll find the correlation between your personality and driving pattern and the effect it has on how you drive.

Rash driving

People of the kind have a real good control of their lives but also are always ready to put that control at stake. The next time you see someone driving rashly, notice this: s/he is driving rashly but is fully aware of the surroundings because they can meet with an accident at any point in time. The daredevils who know the risk they’re taking and still go ahead with it.


Don’t confuse them with the first type, these people don’t care what happens in their lives or the impact of that in others' lives. They just drive recklessly and the odds of them meeting with an accident increase with every inch they drive. The same people don’t care what they speak or do and just go on living lives assuming they’re the only ones living on the planet.


Fully aware of each and every bump or pothole on the road and always in the process of driving in the manner that their vehicle does not pass through any of them, and if does then without any jerks. Similarly, they know all about what is going on in their lives and are also cautious so that nothing wrong happens.


The exact opposite of the former and what happens on the road around while they drive or to their vehicle never worries them. People like these are least aware of the worldly problems or of the closed ones; Uni-world happy world.Never drink and drive!


You must’ve come across some vehicles which have no extra modifications and look the same as they were bought. The reason is that people of the type don’t prefer a lot many changes in life also and are content with the monotony.


The exact opposite who like to accessorize their vehicles like a color palette. They load up their vehicles with so much of additional things just like their life, all flashy and just the monetary aspects of life affect them.


From changing a flat to knowing when to change a gear for better mileage, this person knows all. They share the same type as “meticulous”, with much more interest in the functioning of the society too.


In the eternal search of how to save some fuel and time, drivers of the kind are always up for driving through any kind of road or alley as long as the distance they cover is shorter than the other. Their lives also reflect the same when they’re able to seek solutions to problems with a different set of mind.


People in this category have all the things sorted in their life and will never be seen racing/speeding on the roads. They always have a habit of considering each and every aspect of life factored in, hence they don’t need to rush through knowing they have sufficient time and won’t be late.

Race against time

Lastly, there are people who’re just not into the margin business. They like the thrill and excitement in life, they may never be late anywhere but still will always want to drive at the top speed they can.(The views expressed in this article are author's own)