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This Is Why 'The Great Dictator Speech' By Charlie Chaplin Is More Relevant Today Than Before

Let’s start with this speech given by Charlie Chaplin in the classic movie The Dictator. He had played Hitler in the movie and the interesting thing about this video is, compassionate and kind speech coming out of Hitler’s mouth. Have a look at this video first.

Charlie Chaplin as Hitler!

So, here we have Charlie Chaplin, a great sympathiser of humanity and love. In the movie, which was shot during the Second World War, he splendidly played the role of Hitler and the way he got transformed in the end! Full of humour, satire and wit, Chaplin sent across the message in a very subtle manner. Born in a very poor family, his father used to work in a shoe factory and his mother was a meat seller. Brought up in abject poverty and desperate circumstances, humour came naturally to Charlie Chaplin. 

Just the 4-day gap...

Interestingly, Hitler was born on 20 April 1889 and Chaplin was born on 16 April 1889, just the 4-day gap but see the world of difference in both the characters!Ok, so why do we need this kind of speech today? Just look around you and observe the violence that’s prevalent. There’s serious war going on Syria with both the US and Russia looking eye to eye. More superpowers are now involved in the war, including Turkey. There’s violence in Iraq, people are dying in hordes, there’s violence in Afghanistan. Bombs are in vogue! Take one more step and there are guerrilla wars in African nations like Sudan, Congo and Rwanda, which is rarely reported. Go to the Middle East see what’s happening in Yemen! Not to forget internal wars in Myanmar and Ukraine. And, the most dangerous being the confrontation between nuclear powers America and North Korea. What about daily terrorist bomb blasts taking place in Europe?

Our current era is besieged with war and violence.

Why the fuck we are fighting everywhere? Are we born to fight? Why peace is still a dream? What’s this race for? Where are we heading? Towards third world war? With so much happening around the world, is this less than the third world war? You got the answer.And what’s the reason behind all this fucking shit? It’s the greed. Greed for power, superiority, resources and control! The race is endless! The killing is endless and dying people have just become numbers. What’s worse than that? We are humans with a heart and mind, not numbers.

Where are we heading with all the ammunition at our helm?

The world has really progressed, really? Now we have nuclear bombs, hydrogen bombs, chemical weapons, 10,000-ton missiles, missiles that can kill people as far away as 10,000 kms. Wow! What an achievement. We can now kill sitting at our homes. We have found so many ways of killing humans as if we were short of that earlier. Super! We are just loving all the brainwashing in believing that violence and war happen for a purpose. Fucking purpose! Stop fooling us, dear governments. Stop fooling us, dear religious leaders. We know that it’s your vested interest. It’s your ideology bullshit. You cannot escape our sharp eye. We know the truth.

War mongering is brainwashing!

But the bad thing is there are so many simple, gullible and naïve mortals who can be pushed into fighting in the name of religion and nation! To fuck with your war mongering, we are humanists. Let us live.

Belated Happy Birthday, Charlie Chaplin!

Thanks for teaching us that there's always a way to express bitter truths through humour!(The views and opinions expressed are author's own.)