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15 Shocking Facts About Bahubali 2, #7 Reveals Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali

The first part of Bahubali film was not an ordinary movie. Most of us are aware of unusual facts of Bahubali - The Beginning. For instance, 2,238 people worked in the movie, it set a Guinness record for creating the largest movie poster, Prabhas postponed his wedding to continue shooting and many more. The second part of the film - Bahubali - The Conclusion - will be released soon.Know the 15 shocking facts about yet to be released film.

1. The Mega Production

A whopping sum of Rs 250 crore has gone into the production of both the movies, where the shooting of the climax of Bahubali 2 cost around Rs 30 crore, which is nearly double the budget of the climax shoot of Bahubali 1. 

2. Diet and Workout : Never an easy job

Prabhas and Rana have been under strict diet and workout regimes to fit into their respective characters. They both underwent intense training in martial arts under Vietnamese trainer, Tuan. Both the actors gained more than 30 kilos to look and feel like their powerful characters, each of them weighing close to 100 kilograms. Lakshman Reddy had trained Prabhas and Rana for eight months before the film shooting commenced.

3. Prabhas didn't sign other movie for next four years.

Prabhas, being one the highest ranked actors in Tollywood, risked his career by making such a long commitment but in the end, it seemed worth it.

4. Gaining international attention

The movie will have an international version and that will be different from original one. Guess who will edit Bahubali - The Conclusion. Vincent Tabaillon!Vincent Taballion is known for his works in movies like The Incredible Hulk, Clash of the Titans, Taken 2 and Now You See Me among others.

5. Imagine watching Bahubali in Virtual Reality!

As per reports, its visual effects will be mind boggling. Now, imagine being a part of the movie by experiencing all those effects via Virtual Reality!

6. Close to making another record.

Bollywood movie 'Dangal' holds the record for receiving the highest ever advance booking on BookMyShow. According to latest statistics, Bahubali - The Conclusion - is close to breaking the record of Dangal.  

7. I Killed Kattappa. 

Kattappa had told presspersons that producers and directors paid him well for the movie. "Rajamouli told me to kill Baahubali, so I killed him. Otherwise, how can I kill Prabhas? He has been my darling since Mirchi." Bahubali -The Conclusion, will reveal why was Bahubali killed.

8. Dedication of Prabhas

Prabhas bought gym equipment worth Rs 1.5 crore. He got them transported to his home, where he built a personal gym to train for the movie. His breakfast comprised 40 half boiled egg whites blended with protein powder. 

10. Anushka's special training.

Anushka also trained to perform stunt sequences in the movie. She has played role of a pregnant woman in some scenes.

11. Bollywood joining hands with Tollywood.

Bahubali - The Beginning, was a huge success. This compelled producers Karan Johar and Anil Thadani to join hands with SS Rajamouli. The Hindi version of Bahubali is being jointly produced by Karan Johar of Dharma Productions and Anil Thadani of AA films.

12. Bahubali - The Conclusion

Bahubali - The Conclusion, was to be released on April 14. Producer Shobu Yarlagadda announced its release on April 28, 2017. 

13. The movie is shot in two languages.

The movie is filmed in Telugu and Tamil. K V Vijayendra Prasad is the writer for both the versions.

14. Remember the waterfall scene from Bahubali - The Beginning?

 This particular scene alone took nearly one-third of the total shooting time of the movie. Of what has been heard, similar scenes can be expected in Bahubali - The Conclusion as well. 

15.Has the story of Bahubali - The Conclusion been leaked?

The reason behind the devastating death of Bahubali at the hands of Kattappa has been interpreted many times by many people on social media platforms. One will have to wait for the movie to be released to know the truth.So, enjoy the movie on April 28 in theatres near you!