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Some Of The Cruelest Words People Have Said While Breaking Up

Break-ups hurt, and they hurt bad!  Some (I mean girls/women) take the shopping route as a mode of recovery, while some take to flirting with random strangers as a means of finding solace from that pain. But there are some very interesting creatures who believe in utilizing the power of words and right to speech in the best of ways possible. Somehow people never run out of words when it comes to hatred, but they do feel speechless when a situation demands an expression of love or appreciation.  We are about to share some very cruel things people have said while breaking up; such is the level of spite that they will make you want to break your or their or someone’s head. I am sure you are already recalling your break-ups and how you dealt with them, but the following break-up texts are beyond comparison. These have been compiled from responses gathered from Reddit. Get ready for some really nasty words... (Images and GIFs used in this article are for illustration purpose only)

….and I am better off without you.

"Your brother is better in bed."

The comparisons… the never-ending comparisons!

"When my ex found somebody else, she went with the line "He has a better job and he's taller" ouch!! I don't know what his job was but I'm 6'2" so I'm only half offended, I'm happy at this height."

The serial breakfast-host.

"The day my ex broke up with me, we went out for breakfast. I left later that day and he broke up with me VIA TEXT. Trying not to let it hurt me, I laughed it off and was like "Hey, atleast I got breakfast out of it." His reply "Oh they all do". He then basically told me he was cheating on me throughout our whole relationship. But hey, atleast he was classy enough to buy them breakfast in the morning."

What a freak!

That he never knew my dealing with breast and then cervical cancer could be such an inconvenience for him, and that he couldn't stay with someone who was likely "going to die soon anyways".

Painful adieu to two!

"This isn't going to work out. You have baggage now." His response when I called him from the hospital after my father passed away.

Such a BEE-stard!

One of them told me "Enjoy going back to being the same shitty person you were before you met me". That one stung a bit.

When EUREKA strikes!

In early college (2004-5) I had a friend who broke up with his girlfriend by changing his AIM away message to "Found out I'm John Conner. Off to fight the machines. Previous social commitments are on hold, unless otherwise notified". He then just stopped talking to his girlfriend.

The drunken COLD bastard.

We were at a party in a cabin in the winter time, he agreed not to drink liquor since it makes him act like a dick. He started doing shots, in a desperate attempt to get him to stop drinking liquor I said: "If you take another shot, this is over"... He looked me dead in the eye and took another shot. We went outside, where he drunkenly told me it was over and didn't have the balls to tell me while sober...and he went back inside and locked the door of the cabin, leaving me locked outside in the snow. I had to call someone to come pick me up at 3 am. He got home from the party around 4 am and called me...he was so drunk he FORGOT he dumped me. When I reminded him he said "oh yeah..... " and hung up.

So she put him on fire…

"You're not my passion; You don't make me melt." Said about a week after she told me I make her melt.

The Bald and the (allegedly) Beautiful.

"If you weren't losing your hair I'd find you attractive. I just can't be with a bald man. What would people say." She said this to me when I was 20 at an Applebee's and still wanted me to pay for dinner.


Not me but a Friend: "I can't imagine my kids coming out looking like you."

Worst Birthday gift ever….

She called me on my birthday to break up with me because "my mom didn't think you are attractive enough for me and thinks you're lazy". I was an engineer training for a triathlon. I helped her overcome an eating disorder and a heroin addiction. I'm not religious, but I'd like to think it was a birthday gift from God.

Realization dawned on someone a bit too late.

"Being with you made me realize that I'm a lesbian."

Bed-time stories leaked.

My ex, when I was 20, went to my parents and told them everything we did in bed. My dad later pointed out we have some of the same tastes when it comes to sex. Then it just got awkward. I'm glad I have a chill family though.

Cheating on sex, not emotions!

"After catching him cheating on me in my own house, with my cousin, ON MY BIRTHDAY, his reason was. Our relationship is about the emotions, not the sex."

Creativity level: high; cruelty level: damn high!

"Knock knock""Who's there?""Single.""Single who?""Single you."

Insensitive fools keep lurking around, sigh!

"I have severe anxiety and depression. When my girlfriend at the time broke up with me, she said she did not want to be a babysitter for the rest of her life. It really cut deep, but it was probably true to some extent."

No, you are just a whore!

"I-I don't think it's working out... after I caught her in bed with another guy..."Source Reddit