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51-Year Old Village Woman Does Something Unexpected When Life Treated Her Harshly

This 51-year old woman has proved that women can achieve anything in life. She also proved that education, resources are just a means to attain the goal. What is needed is courage and unflinching conviction. Read on to know the feat of this woman from Uttara Kannada district, which is located in Karnataka.  Read also: Blind dog was trapped in a deep well for a month and then these saved him

Meet Gouri S Naik of Sirsi, Uttara Kannada, who needed water for growing plants.

She did not have enough money to spend on procuring a water supplying system.

So, she began to dig a well for water.

She kept on digging well for continuous three months.

She worked for five to six hours each day to dig out the well all alone.

And when the well was almost ready, she took help of other women for the final work. 

Her hard work finally bore fruits. She dug 60-feet deep well all by herself.

The well now has seven feet of water which she uses to feed her plants.

Gouri is a labourer who has grown trees of coconut, areca, and banana.

She is a member of Dharmastala Rural Development Scheme.

Gouri's hard work was recognised by Rural Development Scheme officials.

While talking to The Times Of India, Scheme officer Vinoda said, "When Gouri came to meeting, she would complain about body ache. But we did not know about her work in digging a well. It was only when we visited her home that we found out what she was doing."Source: TOI

Gouri is called 'Lady Bhagiratha' as she was the one who all alone generated water through digging well.