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6 Amazing Life Hacks To Use In Times Of Less Resources

There are innumerable times when life throws lemons at you, and you are left wondering, Why Me? Well, it is the time we get over this futile drill and try to adapt to and deal with it. Life is all about finding plenty in all the little you have. To be content and not be greedy! One must have the knack for making the best of whatever limited resources one has.So, here we get you some creative life hacks, which will come handy when you are left searching for the necessities. No need for those refined and expensive products to win at the snags of life. Here we get to you some simple tricks to phase out the little problems in your life when you are devoid of the essentials for that particular task. From cutting a lime using a cigarette to cleaning your sports shoes using toothpaste, this compilation is going to help you, loads. Try these life hacks, and your life will be sorted, easily! Do thank us for this compilation!

1. To cut a lime in half, using a cigarette.

Here, we explain to you the complete method of cutting a lime, if you do not have a knife handy, and have a cigarette in hand, instead. For this, you will need just two tools- a lighter and a cigarette, and lime, of course. Using the lighter, light the filter of the cigarette. 

Now pinch the melting filter into the shape of a sharp scalpel using your fingers.

Voila! With sharp scalpel kind tool, you can now cut your way through the lime!

Handy, when you do not have a knife with you!

Catch the tutorial, here!

2. To clean marks of a permanent marker.

This is a handy life hack from Life Hacks. For this you need toothpaste, only!

Simply rub toothpaste on the permanent marker marks. You can also use a toothbrush.

And, vanish! You will be left wondering as to were there any marks!Not only permanent marker marks but also ball point pen marks on wooden tables can be removed easily.

3. Sick and tired of cleaning your shoes?

Well, here is the hack! Again, all you need is toothpaste and a toothbrush.

Using a toothbrush, rub toothpaste on the area you wish to clean.

Using a tissue, clean the extra toothpaste.

Wow! Here are your 'whitewashed' shoes.

4. Make your own toothbrush dispenser.

Things you will need- An injection, toothpaste, and glue gun. Suck the toothpaste into the injection slowly. Let out the excess toothpaste from the injection.

Put some glue from the glue gun on the wall of your washroom.

Now stick the injection on the wall and enjoy your self-made dispenser!

5. Save your matchsticks from catching moisture.

Things you will need- Toothpaste and matchsticks. Simply apply a coat of toothpaste on the coating of the matchsticks.

Just take off the toothpaste coating when you want to ignite the matchsticks.

Toothpaste protects them from moisture. 

6. When you are out of glue and need to seal an envelope, urgently.

No worries, folks. Toothpaste will be your savior. 

Simply apply toothpaste on the flap and stick.

Here is your sealed envelope. 

Watch the video tutorial of the above-listed hacks.

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