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Sonu Nigam Gets Slammed Badly For Tweeting Against Azaan And Forced Religiousness In India

Bollywood singer, Sonu Nigam, landed in trouble when he shared his views on the Azaan and forced religiousness in India. Sonu took to Twitter early in the morning and shared that he was forced to wake up due to the Azaan.Azaan is the call for prayer which happens five times a day in a mosque. The first Azaan happens early in the morning.Twitterati had an active Monday morning after the comments of Sonu Nigam.Let us take a look at Sonu Nigam's views.

The singer was displeased by the sound of the Azaan.

He termed it as forced religiousness and even questioned the morning Azaan.

Sonu went on with a series of tweets on the subject.

Later, he questioned that why is it done after the invention of electricity by Thomas Edison.   

He tweeted further...

He mentioned the temples and gurudwaras for using electricity to wake people up in the morning.

He even called it 'Gundagardi'.

Twitterati then slammed the singer for his comments.