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Meet The Most Expressive Dog Who Is An Instagram Star! It Is Friendly And Playful

Ryuji is a seven-year-old Shiba Inu dog whose adorable expressions are creating buzz on the Instagram. With over 148K followers, he is keeping them happy with expressive poses it gives before the camera.  Let's take a look at the awesome pictures of this pup who lives in Okayama in Japan. 

Ryuji always wears a stylish bandanna to up his swag and sometimes also prefer to go with a hat if he’s in the mood for it. His grin and unique tongue add more to the charm, this little creature is spreading all over. The account owner of Ryuji includes English translations in all of his posts to serve all the followers. Ryuji is friendly and a playful dog.

The captions that go along with the pictures add a lot to the charm of Ryuji, as they are well received by the followers. 

Owing to its good nature, this Japanese breed is termed as Shiba Inus. According to American Kennel Club, Shiba Inus are the smallest and oldest dogs from Japan. In 2013, a female Shiba shot to superstardom when she became the face of an infamous dog meme. Well, if Ryuji will continue to impress the world with his poses and daily adventures, it won’t be long before he turns into another famous meme.

The sleepy Ryuji.

Time for some stretching.

Ryuji after a figh.t