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This 2-Year-Old Is Fighting For Her Life After Swallowing Something Extremely Common And Dangerous

Kacie Barradell is only 2 and she accidentally swallowed a lithium ion battery. She was immediately rushed to the hospital after she collapsed. The little girl is now fighting for her survival and she's being fed through a tube.  The battery has damaged her esophagus and there's a chance she won't be able to feed properly all her life. Not just that, the doctors had declared there was only 40 percent chance of survival.  Read also - Miracle Baby Born With Heart Outside Her Chest

Things aren't looking good for Kacie. 

Currently, in Derby, UK, 2-year-old Kacie is fighting for her life after she accidentally swallowed a button battery. Her mother, Cheryl Bell, is trying to raise awareness about what happened to her. 

Kacie had only a 40% chance of survival. 

Even if she survives, the doctors said that the girl might be paralyzed from the waist down. 

This is the battery she swallowed. 

Due to this battery, Kacie's entire esophagus has been burned out. Hence, she will require feeding from a tube for possibly all her life. 

She might need more surgeries. 

She's already gone through her first round of surgery. She isn't feeding well and she has lost strength in both her lower limbs. 

She won't be discharged at least for a month. 

She might have to undergo esophageal repair and neurosurgery in case her lower limbs aren't gaining function. 

Kacie's mom rushed her to the hospital. 

Kacie started displaying symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea. Kacie also collapsed and that's when her mother brought her to Birmingham's Children Hospital. 

Tests were conducted. 

After Kacie was admitted, an X-ray of her chest revealed the lithium ion battery in her digestive track. She had to go through a six-hour long procedure to get it removed. 

There are various dangers of lithium batteries. 

These tiny batteries are present in many toys for toddlers and there's a risk of accidental swallowing. It burns through the digestive track and causes harm to the organs. 

Kacie swallowed one from a car key. 

More and more people are understanding the seriousness of this issue and they are helping Kacie's mom in raising awareness. Hopefully, Kacie will recover soon.