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The Sumerian King List Unveils The Secret About Immortal Aliens Who Ruled Earth For 240,000 Years 

Much of what occurred on planet Earth 240,000 years ago is still a mystery to society at large, but a popular tale amongst folks who believe in aliens and mythical beings is that of the eight immortal lords known as Sumerian Kings. 

#1. Feast Your Eyes On The Sumerian King List

It is believed that these lords descended from the heaven above to rule our Earth for 242,100 years. This ancient stone/clay tablet, originating in Sumer (Southern Iraq), contains the list of Sumerian Kings.

#2. Here's An Excerpt From The Sumerian King List

“After the kingship descended from heaven, the kingship was in Eridug. In Eridug, Alulim became king; he ruled for 28,800 years.” Kingship is believed to be handed down from the Gods and could then pass from city to city.

#3. Each Of The Eight Immortal Lords Ruled For Millennia

According to the tablets, after Alulim's reign, as kingship came to an end, Alalngar inherited the throne and ruled for 36,000 years. Thereafter, En-men-lu-ana‘s began his 43,200 year-long kingship. When En-men-lu-ana's passed away, the 5 kings to follow the suit ruled the land for no less than 18,000 years, which eventually came to an end with the last king, Ubara-Tutu.

#4. What Brought Their Leadership To An End?

It seems like immortality wasn't enough to stand against nature's Great Flood, which is said to mark the end of the extraterrestrial/mythical beings.

#5. The Land Wherein The Next Generation Of Kings Ruled

What was left fell into the hands of the leaders in an ancient city in Sumer, known as Kish! To this day, Kish is considered to be the home of the very first documented Sumerian dynasty.

#6. Was The Royalty From Kish Immortal Too?

Unlike the eight lords who descended from the heaven above, the royalty in this dynasty was not immortal, but their lifespan still exceeded that of the average human being.

#7. They May Not Have Been Immortal, But They Lived And Ruled For Centuries At A Time

Jushur, the first (also unverified) king of this dynasty is rumored to have ruled for 1,200 years. Zamug, "the son of Barsal-nuna," was the 18th King and holds the title for the shortest reign spanning over a total of 140 years.

#8. Do You Think The Immortal Sumerian Kings Were Real Or Fictitious?

There is little scientific evidence to prove the existence of the eight Sumerian immortal lords, and neither the counter-evidence is disproving their existence. If they did exist, what's to say that there aren't more immortal beings in the universe just waiting to descend and reign supreme on modern-day Earth? And, importantly, if they were truly immortal, could it be possible that they still walk the Earth?