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This Artist Uses Toothpaste To Make The Impeccable Sketch Of Baahubali Fame Actor

Creativity is a wild mind with a disciplined eye... Truly given! Creativity is the best thing a man can use to connect himself to nature and his perception. And if you are the one whose happiness lies in the thrill of creative efforts and the company of art-loving people then you have landed at the right place. Well, we recently came across an awestruck video posted by Artist Harrsha on his Facebook profile. The video at first showed him doing something with toothpaste and then what he was done it was just remarkable. Have a look. P.S: Do not miss to watch the video embedded at the end. Recommended story: Russian artist carves sculptures with pencil leads

Artist Harrsha used 'Close-Up' toothpaste to start his sketch.

He then took a white piece of paper and then opened the toothpaste tube.

Get, set and go...

Okay! He began with the head and skull part first.

Good going... The upper half is gonna complete.

OMG! I am just wondering what turn this sketch is going to take.