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These Newly-Discovered Books Can Change History As We Know It For Good

There's a huge part of history that we're constantly discovering yet there is a bigger part of it that is yet to be discovered. A lot of it is still a mystery that needs to be solved. Which reminds me that recently in the deserts of Jordan, a surprise discovery of 70 books constructed from metal was made. These tiny books made of lead and bound with wire are a piece of treasure that can be used to unveil the discovery of the Deal Sea Scrolls in 1947.   The size of these books is as tiny as your credit card that consists of symbols, images and words referring to the messiah, crucifixion and resurrection. These metal tablets might have the earliest written depiction of Jesus Christ. They were believed to be 2,000 years old at the time when they were found. Now after further testing, experts believe that they may change the way we view history, forever. 

#1 They're Real.

The tablets were established as authentic. They are indeed 2,000 years old and are considered to be dated at a time very close to when Jesus was said to have been practicing his ministry. These metal books have quite a few revelations to make and it only gets better from here.

#2 Jesus Was Not A Christian.

The tablets make it very clear that far from being the first member of a Christian faith, Jesus believed that he was restoring a 1,000-year-old Jewish-style faith.

#3 David.

These metal codices show that the faith Jesus was trying to restore was one that would have been practiced at the time of the Bible's King David more than 1,000 years before the tablets were written.

#4 The Nature Of The Divine.

One of the most surprising revelations in the tablets is that God, who we have always presumed to have been male to worshippers of Jesus' time, is referred to as both male AND female.

#5 The Image Of Our Lord.

The books contain an image which is said to be Jesus himself.

#6 The Evidence.

Experts found that these codices were made of lead and that made dating them much easier.

#7 The Clues.

The state of decay of the lead makes it clear that these codices are pretty much exactly 2,000 years old. They are written in Paleo-Hebrew which would have been the right language for that time, too.