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Comedian Charlie Murphy Dies At 57 After Long Battle With Cancer

Charlie Murphy, the great stand-up comedian, writer, and actor passed away at the age of 57. Charlie was the only sibling of comedic legend Eddie Murphy. He made a great career on his own and had given some memorable performances. The comedian was battling leukaemia for a long time.Read the details of his death below.

He was going through chemotherapy treatments.

According to Charlie's manager, he died on Wednesday morning at a hospital in New York City due to complications from blood cancer. 

Charlie was the elder brother of Eddie Murphy.

Charlie was Eddie's only sibling, and both brothers teamed up with Saturday Night Live to write movies which included Norbit.

He had a tremendous fan base. 

Murphy appeared in many films, but his stardom rose when he came out as a writer and storyteller of the famous Chappelle's Show which was a sketch-comedy.

Everyone loved Murphy's comedy and gravely voice.

He became famous as a writer and storyteller of Chappelle's Show, but he was also known for giving the voice of Ed Wuncler III on The Boondocks.

He was also set for a performance this year.

Charlie was set to give stand-up comedy performance in mid of May 2017 at Detroit, Michigan.

Murphy's wife died in 2009.

Charlie's wife Tisha Taylor also died in 2009 after battling cancer. The couple had two kids together, Ava and Xavier. Charlie also had another child with his previous relationship.

The whole Hollywood was shocked after hearing the news.

Charlie was undoubtedly one of the best comedians.

Russell Simmons also gave respect to his idol on Twitter.