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The Under-Dog Project: Creative Photographer Takes Pictures Of Dogs From Underneath 

Dogs are playful and they most likely love playing everywhere. You can even turn a dog into a cute babysitter or a scary watchdog. They very well adjust to every role.  Andrius Burba, the 24-year-old photographer from Lithuania took the step of filming, clicking animals underneath. While he has carried Under- cat, and Under- horse projects, the most playful was doing the under- dog photo shoot.  Scroll down to have a look at the adorable pictures.  Images via underlook.org

1. Look at this little fluff. 

2. OH! 

3. Those big big eyes. 

4. Do you see those cute little paws? 

5. Beautiful. 

6. Say hello to this fluff bear. 

7. AW! This baby is sad. 

8. One giant looking baby. 

9. This fur ball. 

10. Whoops!

11. Um! This one looks lost. 

12. One gian fellow. 

13. White beauty. 

14. This skinny little fellow. 

15. Looks like I found Bruno. 

16. Hello, mister. 

17. This black beast. 

18. Another black beast. 

19. White fluff; cute stuff. 

20. I bet you were scrolling to see this one here. 

21. Look at this big fellow. 

22. I love her ears.