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"He Kissed My Forehead And..." Says Ex-ScoopWhoop Employee In FIR Against Co-founder

An Ex-Senior Executive of ScoopWhoop Media Pvt. Ltd. has filed a sexual assault case against one of its Co-Founders, Suparn Pandey. Suparn filed for anticipatory bail today, but the court has denied all his requests. Two of the Indian news channels, 'India Today' and 'Catch News' were the first ones to leak this information. "We are fully prepared to accept the findings of the investigations and dutifully take the necessary action if found guilty," Catch News stated ScoopWhoop's reaction on the incident. Let's have a look at the entire case!

After TVF's Co-Founder,  ScoopWhoop's Co-Founder faces sexual harassment case. 

It's the 5th instance in a row that some Indian Start-Up is making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Today, the women-friendly image of ScoopWhoop is exposed.

Catch News claims that they've got their hands on FIR in which ScoopWhoop's Co-Founder, Suparn Pandey, is accused of sexual harassment and sexual assault. The complainant, who also happens to be the ex-employee of ScoopWhoop has accused other Co-Founders as well.The lady claims that Sattvik Mishra and Sriparna Tikekar tried abetting the harassment, and even attempted to sweep it under the carpet.

This is what the victim indicated in her file. 

She said: "The place is not what it claims to be. Co-Founders enjoy their lives at the cost of employees." The FIR report also claims that all the Co-Founders support each other's misdeeds.

The charges on which FIR is filed are:

"The FIR (No. 0117), filed at the Vasant Kunj (South) Police Station, Delhi, invokes section 354 A (sexual harassment), section 509 (insulting the modesty of a woman), and section 506 (criminal intimidation)," reports Catch News.

The complainant stated that Mr Pandey crossed his limits and commented on her sexuality.

"Mr Suparn Pandey in public commented on my sexuality and this comment included calling me names (sic.) which reflected on my sexual orientation and my sexual preferences (sic.) as well as characterised me in a certain way” states the FIR.

The victim had shared her trouble with one of the founders but...

She had some words with Sriparna Tikekar regarding the assault when she was still working at ScoopWhoop. Co-Founder, Sriparna promised that it wouldn't be repeated, but didn't do anything. And later on, things continued to happen.

The inaction of the company is causing them troubles big time.

The FIR alleges that company did nothing to stop such activities inside the organisation. And their inaction encouraged Suparn to carry on with what he was doing.

He used to make her feel uncomfortable by doing a lot of stuff.

Pretexts in FIR states that, "Mr Pandey got so bold as to send me a lewd video over the official Gmail chat, in which the words were "apni jeans dheeli karo."

Against the company's policy, Suparn Pandey was allowed to show up at work in the state of drunk.

The complainant has mentioned in the statement that "Mr. Pandey approached me after the meeting, between 8-9:30 PM, when I was alone at my work desk and asked me to be less “aggressive” in my dealings with other people and learn to “pour some sugar on it.” That after that, he then got up, kissed my forehead and walked away,' reports Indiatoday.in.

She was forced to work closely during non-office hours with Pandey.

Co-Founder of ScoopWhoop persuaded her, and she alleges that he threatened to hurt her career and defame her publicly. Following these events, she eventually resigned.It's a developing story...That's all, folks!Subscribe