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This LGBTQ Community's Act Was Unbelievable! This Is What They Did To Show Their Pride

Talking about sex is still a taboo in India, which has given Kamasutra and erotic sculptures of Khajuraho to the world. However, two organisations - the gay men dating-app SCRUFF and non-profitable organisation, Those In Need - did something in Delhi which was unbelievable.  On April 8, 2017, they organised LGBTQ flash mob at Hauz Khas in Delhi. The event was a heady mix. We've got it all for you here. Have a look.

"I am Queer. Yoga can’t cure me."

To everyone's surprise, the members of LGBTQ community along with their friends came together for a cause. Related: Common Reactions Parents Give When They Find Out Their Child Is LGBT

"I am gay. I love sports."

The event started with a freeze mob in which the participants stood at different locations carrying placard against the usual stereotypes.

"I am a homosexual. I am not attracted to everyone of the same sex."

People carried great banners in their hands. Even those who never expressed their real feelings in the society before had come out to become part of this mob.Related: Delhi's LGBT Community Did Something Adorable For Orlando Victims

"I am Straight. Not Narrow."

But, it wasn't all LGBTQ about flash mob, or their rally. People who do not belong to this community also joined them for the march.

"We are here. We are Queer. We are not a Stereotype."

All the members of LGBTQ community were happy that finally, something is coming their way which would help them to come out as strong and normal human beings.

Dhols (kind of drums) were played to entertain those who took part in rally.

As the dhols were played, the participants got together and began to dance with joy. There was an expression of pride on their faces.

Everyone was in joyous mood.

They danced, hugged, talked and celebrated each and every moment of flash mob.

But every thing has an end.

Th atmosphere appeared surcharged as the event came to a close. Those who hesitated to join the crowd earlier, joined the participants and danced till the end.

Participants shared their experiences...

After the dance, participants shared their experiences and talked about how a positive change is coming in the society. Some of the participants shared how their parents have begun to accept their sexuality.

A community that felt suppressed for so long has challenged the stereotypes.

The dance and interaction session gave them confidence. The members of LGBTQ community answered each other's questions with frankness and confidence.

What a euphoric sight it was.

International Marketing Manager for SCRUFF Miguel Moscoso said, "By bringing this flash mob to Delhi, we would like to remind everyone in India that the local LGBTQ people are supported and united with the rest of our community worldwide. We are happy to have this opportunity to show the beauty of non-stereotypical colours and diversity. It is a delight that we could pass the message in the most vibrant way we could." 

Abhishek Saini, the founder of Those In Need, said...

"It was a complete pleasure that we could put this together, and all the credit goes to all the dancers who worked so hard with us. With intend to do more such events and hope that a genuinely inclusive society is not far away."