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These Fascinating Rare Known Facts About The Mantis Shrimp Will Blow Your Mind

I'm very fond of watching nature documentaries as I get fascinated by seeing an array of animals that I never knew existed and could have never imagined. One of these magnificent deep-sea odd creatures is the mantis shrimp. Blessed with the colourful exoskeleton, this creature is one of the most beautiful undersea species. Along with its impressive features, this animal has got some unbelievable characteristics. Here are some of this magnificent little creature's most enthralling, and astonishing, qualities.

We all know that we humans are capable of seeing the motion and three colors red, blue and green because of the two receptors, rods and cones. 

But the Mantis Shrimp is able to translate 9 colors because they have 16 receptors. Yes, Sixteen! Hard to imagine! 

We humans can't roll our eyes to see the polarized light. But the Mantis Shrimp can! 

The only thing we can do to differentiate bright objects better is by wearing sunglasses that can reduce glare. 

Unlike peacocks, their colorful body is not for attracting people. They can communicate by reflecting certain lights off their bodies. 

The changes are not visible to us, but they convey important information to them about the potential shelter and potential prey. 

A typical Mantis Shrimp has two types of claws, hammers and spears, which are completely deadly. 

A mantis shrimp’s claws move with the speed of a .22 caliber bullet and hit with 377 pounds of energy.

If our arms could manage to reach even 1/10th of that power, we'd probably be able to throw a football into space.

Their claws move at such fast speed that the water around them heats and gives off the light when they strike.

The Mantis Shrimp is barely kept in aquariums because they’re a threat to everything else that might be held in there and also, they can easily break the glass. 

The exoskeletons of the Mantis Shrimp are calcium-based which helps them to handle the power.