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10 Weird Animals You Never Knew Existed

We take animals for granted. As we buzz along busy city streets with our heads deep in the confines of the latest electronic device, a furry society thrives on the outskirts of civilization. You might think you know your animals well, but think again. There are perhaps hundreds of animals you never even heard of. Today, let's take it easy and just examine 10 of them.

#1 The Gerenuk

What happens when you combine a giraffe, a gazelle, and Somalia? Obviously, you get a Gerenuk. Come on. Everyone knows that. Just picture a tall, goofy looking deer, and you pretty much get the picture.

#2 Pink Fairy Armadillo

What can one really say about the Pink Fairy Armadillo? Well for one, it's the smallest of the armadillo family. Hence, the 'fairy' part. Is it actually pink, though? Well, if by pink you mean white, then yes, this animal is pink.

#3 Blob Fish

Remember drunk Uncle Gunther from the last family party? Alright, well if he was a fish, then you essentially have what they call a Blob Fish. The picture really speaks for itself on this one. It's weird and uncomfortable in all the best ways.

#4 Irrawaddy Dolphin

While it may look like a beluga, the Irrawaddy dolphin is more related to the killer while. However, it's still a dolphin. Go figure.

#5 Naked Mole Rat

One of those words is alright. The other two... not so much. Just look at that thing. Soak it in. Bask in the wrinkles.

#6 Dumbo Octopus

Some animals just look like Pokemon. There are no two ways about it. The dumbo octopus is one of these creatures. For those that couldn't guess, the name comes from its elephant-like ears, a 'Dumbo' from the famous Disney classic.

#7 Aye-Aye

Imagine if the cute lemurs of Madagascar had an evil, less-attractive relative. Actually, you don't have to imagine that because that's exactly what an aye-aye is. 

#8 Dugong

Where did evolution go wrong? The dugong. No offense, but it's a weird looking creature.

#9 Maned Wolf

Oddly enough, the maned wolf looks like a fox, but it is neither wolf nor fox. It's actually in the Chrysocyon genus which means 'golden dog'. Why they didn't just call it that, to begin with, is beyond understanding.