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What This Taxi Driver Has Done For Education Is A Perfect Example Of Humanity

Here is a semi-literate man whose mission is to spread education among poor children. Coming from a humble ground, he struggled hard, faced humiliation but not did give up his mission.Now, a known name in his region, what he has achieved will inspire you.Read his story.

Meet Gazi Jalaluddin, a 65-year-old Kolkata-based taxi driver.

Gazi, a native of Thakurchak near Joynagar in Sunderban area, lives in Kolkata. He had to drop out of school when he was seven-year-old, as his family had no money. Since then, he nurtured a dream.

The dream was to educate every child of his village.

To fulfil his dream, he became rickshaw puller in Kolkata. Later, he became a taxi driver. The income he earned from driving taxi helped him to pursue his dream.

Initially, he started donating books. Then, he built schools for orphans and poor.

He didn't restrict himself to spreading education. He also started donating clothes and food to poor kids.

He set up first school in his village in 1998.

He constructed a two-room house in his village and conducted school in small rooms. The school which started with 22 students now has a strength of 400. 

He then set up his second school and there was no looking back since then.

Despite earning Rs 500 or Rs 1000 a day, Gazi never lost hope and continued making efforts to fulfil his dream. In addition to this, he managed to provide salaries to more than 15 teachers and other non-teaching staff of his two schools.

Not only this, he set up an orphanage in 2016 known as Sundarban Orphanage Mission.

 He had asked the government for help but he did not get any support.

Gazi now has a new car that carries a powerful message on it:

“Earnings by this taxi is used for the students of Sunderban Orphanage School. I urge traffic police not to register any case against this taxi. Regards, taxi driver Gazi Jalaluddin.”