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10 Most Restricted Areas Of The World You'll Love To Visit

If you believe you can travel anywhere in the world, you're not aware of some locations that common people like us can't access. If you think Area 51 is probably gonna fall on the list, I can assure you that you would be mind-blown after checking out that there are so many more places that are higher in secrecy when compared to Area 51. You would understand the reason why common people like us aren't allowed to visit them and why they're being kept as a secret. 

1. The Svalbard Seed Vault 

Located on a remote Norwegian island, it has high-end security to protect vaults stretching 120 meters in length containing all varieties of seeds in case of a global crisis. 

2. Secret Archives of the Vatican 

You cannot think about secret beyond Vatican's Archives. Only a few members of the elite Vatican society can access the library. This library contains secret books and notes regarding Satan contacts, alien forms, and ancient Maya codices. 

3. Pine Gap 

If you assumed there's only one Area 51, then you're missing out on Australia's Pine Gap. The Central Intelligence Agency and the Australian Government are strictly monitoring the region. It has been designated under a strict no-fly zone. 

4. HavenCo

It was created in 2000, and built on an old anti-aircraft platform close to England. It offers organisations various VPNs, servers, encryption codes, and proxies. To work with HavenCo, your content shouldn't contain any spam, hacking, or child pornography. 

5. Air Force One 

No one in the world can access Air Force One. With a highly defined inbuilt security system, nobody yet knows what's inside the aircraft. One needs to be trusted for at least a year with the President's security records to be allowed inside. 

6. Snake Island 

This island in Brazil is some place everyone is afraid to go. It's the home to some of the deadliest snakes in the world with a venom that can melt human flesh. Scared yet?

7. Coca-cola Vault 

Who doesn't love coca-cola? But have you wondered what its secret recipe is? Well, the recipe is located in this secret vault that no one is allowed to access. Only the personnel working there can view the recipe. 

8. Fort Knox 

Protected by nearly 30,000 soldiers, Fort Knox is considered to be the most secure place in the entire United States. It is safely keeping all prestigious national treasures. 

9. Gold vault- Bank of England 

Containing about 5,000 tons of gold, the vault is located in the UK. In order to get into it, you must pass a bomb-proof door using a high-tech voice recognition system.

10. Room 39 

Established in 1970, and also known as the 'court of the economy', Room 39 is where all the foreign currency is bought for Kim Jung-un. 

Here are some more secretly protected areas that you might like to see.