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The Inspiring Story Of The Rabbit Kid, These Facts About His Life Will Move You

Five years ago, Christchurch, New Zealand rose to fame for something other than earthquakes. There, a young boy named Evan Hill was known for a unique physical attribute that gave him the nickname "Rabbit Kid." So what do you know about this "Rabbit Kid?" Nothing?Well, that's just fine because here are eight facts to fill you in on the details of New Zealand's infamous mascot.

1. The "Rabbit Kid" Was Bullied At School.

As you can probably imagine, growing up with giant buckteeth isn't exactly normal. Combine that with the unforgiving attitude of young kids, and you have a perfect recipe for a bullying scenario. Hence, Evan's parents were set to find help.

2. Evan's Parents Struggled To Find Money For The Operation.

Evan's teeth not only looked funny, but they were also unfunctional. So his parents sought the help of a dental professional. Unfortunately, they couldn't find the money for the operation. They even looked at mortgaging their house for the procedure.

3. Community Steps Up To Help "Rabbit Kid".

Call it charity, bully guilt, or whatever you want. The fact is, the community stepped up big for the Rabbit Kid with thousands of dollars in donations for Evan's operation.

4. Evan's Operation Cost $100,000.

If you think a quality lasagna is expensive these days (and it is), then wait until you get some big buck teeth removed. Evan's operation cost nearly $100,000. All of which was covered by the generous donations.

5. Rabbit Kid Extinct After 5 Years.

After five years, Evan ditched the "Rabbit Kid" nickname for something a little more normal. Well, technically he has no nickname, but anything is better than "Rabbit Kid."

6. Chris Is Pleased With The Results.

If you can't tell by that beautiful smile, Evan is quite thrilled with the final results. It only took five years, but Evan can now move on from "Rabbit Kid" to "Rabbit Stud."

7. Evan Inspired Other Rabbit Kids Of The World.

Just like this legless runner inspired others like him at the Rio 2016 Olympics, Evan inspired a new generation of "Rabbit Kids" out there. Do you have abnormally large front teeth? Well, don't worry. If Evan can get through it, so can you.

8. Evan Used Leftover Donations To Help Other Kids In Need.

Evan isn't alone in the fight against expensive dental operations. That's why he put his leftover funds in a trust for other kids that can't afford pricey dental work.

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