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These Intimate Pictures Of LGBTQ Community Will Change Your Perception About Them

Two Delhi-born photographers Sunil Gupta and Charan Singh have taken photographs of  members of LGBTQ community, which portrays their sexuality.  The photo series they have produced show LGBTQ in different moods and the kind of life they live.  Have a look at the photographs which capture the beauty of queer people in Delhi, India.

Photographers Sunil Gupta and Charan Singh made a photo book: Delhi: Communities of Belonging to portray lives of queer.

These pictures will tell you the real story behind the life led by LGBTQ community.

She's Rituaparnah, ready to conquer the world!

Ranjan and Zahid's love is just out of the world.

Their love and intimacy is exhibited in a blissful manner.

Saleem, who is a member of LGBTQ community, preparing to slam community haters.

Meet Rizwan who is not ashamed of what he feels and thinks.

Deepti, who's having a power nap, appears to be away from all the troubles of life.

When asked about his photo series, Sunil Gupta said:

“Today, many are still not out, but it’s hugely different in terms of documentary and photography. In 1980, nobody would turn their face to my camera and people certainly did not want to have their name on the picture, which they do in the book. The project now, which is portraits of real people with their names, with them facing the camera, is completely a reversal from how it was then.”