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15 Sensational Classic Rock Bands That You Will Never Forget.

Those who rock, live forever. These awesome bands never cease to surprise us. Days and years go by, but they never go off your playlist. For one simple reason, that sound and those lyrics are engraved in your heart. When you sing you every time hear the track play behind and even before you know it- you are swinging! They are evergreen! So let us celebrate the most loved and sensational bands of all time and their Music.

Get ready to Rock N Roll!

Led Zeppelin

The list is long, but I would go for- Stairway To Heaven.

The Beatles

Yesterday. They are the yesterday band!

The Rolling Stones

Hands down- Gimme Shelter and Honky Tonk Women.

Pink Floyd

Wish you were Hear- an all time Valentine Playlist song!


The Show must go on- that is the one for me.

The Who

Won't get fooled again wins the game for me.

Jimi Hendrix

How can I forget Burning of the Midnight Lamp? What is your favorite Jimi Hendrix?


Highway to hell. What a song!

The Doors

Touch Me. It is my favorite.


Nothing Else Matters, when its Metallica.


Dream on. And I never stopped.

The Eagles

Take it to the limit. The Eagles will live forever.