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After Looking At These Astonishing Pictures, You'll Not Miss Your Chance To Visit Japan's Wisteria Festival

Breathtaking pictures.


Spring is the most exceptional season of the year; flowers blooming, birds singing, branches of trees dancing; it's just amazing! But this season is even more special for Japan because it happens to be the time for its annual 'Great Wisteria Festival,' a wondrous display that's not to be missed. Located at the distance of two hours from Tokyo's railway station, Ashikaga Flower Park in Japan's Tochigi prefecture is the host of the festival and possesses over 350 wisteria trees that enrich the park with glaring colors. People visiting the park can also take a stroll through an 80 metre-long tunnel covered by incredible white wisteria flowers. Some of the trees are more than 150 years old, making them a landmark of Japanese natural heritage. This year, the festival is going to start from 15th Of April and will last 'till may end. In 2014 it was marked as the "dream destinations for 2014," One of the wanderlusts has termed the Wisteria Flowers as "nearly identical to Avatar's spiritual Tree of Souls." Then, what are you waiting for? Just squirrel away some pennies, grab your bags and just experience the tranquillity of this festival.


This enchanting flower shower will take your breath away! 

Ashikaga Flower Park- The most beautiful garden in the world! 

The saunter in this mesmerising park will refresh you like never before! 


The amazeballs rainbows! 

The enriching beauty! 


I'm just spellbound to see this beauty! 

I really wonder whether such places do exist? Truly a heaven on Earth! 


So pristine, crystal clear! 

The marvellous fireworks! 


Wisteria Floribunda!

This tunnel is phenomenal! 

As white as snow! 

I'm running short of words to describe the beauty of this place! 

I'm sure after looking at these pictures none of us would want to miss the chance to visit this place!