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Celebrities React To The Demise Of Legendary Insult Comic Don Rickles

Don Rickles, 90, an iconic comedian who rose to fame not by telling the jokes, but by insulting his audience, died on Thursday. Paul Shefrin, a spokesman on his family's behalf, said that the cause of his death was a major kidney failure. For more than half a century, iconic Mr Rickles has entertained his audience at theatres, clubs and television by making fun of their lifestyle, ethnicity, spouses and even judged their sexual orientation and everything he could think of that time. He loved sarcasm. As the news spread, people who've had a chance to meet legendary insult comic expressed their feelings on Twitter and paid tribute to this icon. Let's have a look!

As Hollywood woke up to this heartbreaking news, everyone took some time to pay tribute.

Celebrity host, Jimmy Kimmel said in his tweets that he feels 90 years of Don Rickles weren't enough, and he is one of the sweetest people he came across.

Billy Crystal shared the news of the demise of Mr Rickles with his fans and followers.

Stand-up comedian and actor, Jim Carrey also expressed his feelings on Twitter.

Actor Jim Carrey in his tweets said that the legendary Mr Don was an ego slayer and a comic Everest.

Actor, director and producer, Danny DeVito also expressed his tribute for the iconic comedian, Don Rickles.

George Takei aka Mr Sulu from Star Trek says that demise of a legendary insult comic, Don Rickles is a great loss.

Mr Takei wrote in his tweet that, "Don Rickles, you kept us laughing for so many years. We will miss you dearly. Thanks for the zingers. You were one of a kind."

Movie reviewer, Rotten Tomatoes reminded us of Don's recent character in the film franchise, Toy Story.

Don Rickles had given his voice for the animated character of Mr Potato Head.

Thank you for giving all of us a reason to smile, Don.

"No matter how talented the younger generation is, but your kind of a comedy will always be missed," says WittyFeed.

Let's have a look back at the time, presenting some of the most memorable lines from comic insult Don Rickles.

Is that your wife, sir? … What was it, a train?" — Comic Relief V, 1992.

Rickles to Reagan: Black, White, Jew, Gentile. We're all working for one cause. To figure out how you became governor.