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WittyFeed's Exclusive Interview With Actor Ranvir Shorey: "It Is Quite A Futile Exercise Trying To Release A Small Film Right Now"

WittyFeed recently caught up with actor Ranvir Shorey who was in Delhi to promote his forthcoming film Blue Mountains.  Directed by Suman Ganguly and co-starring Gracy Singh, Rajpal Yadav, Simran Sharma, Arif Zakaria, and Yatharth Ratnum, Blue Mountains is a musical family film based on a hill-town boy who fails to make his mark in a singing reality TV show. The film’s protagonist Yatharth himself was a runner-up in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L'il Champs 2009 and so the character that he is playing in the movie is actually inspired by his own failures and experiences.  Shorey plays Yatharth’s father in Blue Mountains.

The team of Blue Mountains.

While answering to WittyFeed about what attracted him to the project, Ranvir Shorey talked about how his fatherhood has made him more sensitive to projects like these. “I had just become a father. I think my son was just about a year old when I was offered this film. It was one of those rare times when I didn’t ask for a bound script to say ‘yes’ to a film. I think the emotional core of this film is so strong that it has a universal appeal. I feel people of all ages and segments of society will relate with what this story is about,” explained Shorey.

Blue Mountains wins the best feature film award at the International Children's Film Festival.

When asked by WittyFeed about the eccentric, dark characters (Mithya, Titli, Moh Maya Money, etc.) he usually plays in his movies, Shorey said, “I end up sitting at home a lot because I don’t get a lot of work to start with. Out of the work that gets offered to me, a lot of it is the kind of work that I don’t want to do and of the work that I want to do very little actually works out eventually. So, I think, there is a little sacrifice involved in not trying to be a part of everything.”

Ranvir Shorey in 'What Is Done Is Done'.

Shorey also confessed that he is “reasonably choosy” when it comes to picking his roles. “More and more which I am thankful about is that now people come to me knowing if they feel their subject and script as merit and the part is interesting and I like that because that’s the kind of relationship I want to have. I do films which are not formula and I do parts which are not necessarily hero roles or lead roles. I am open to doing both lead roles and strong character parts,” Shorey further added. 

Ranvir Shorey (right) in Bheja Fry.

   While answering a question about how the positive trend that 'Bheja Fry' started for smaller films in the multiplexes has changed in recent times, Shorey expressed his disappointment about the difficulties that smaller films are facing in getting a reasonable amount of shows. “The exhibitors and big filmmakers have a working relationship. Nowadays, smaller films don’t even get decent number of shows. It is quite a futile exercise trying to release a small film right now,” said Shorey.

Ranvir Shorey in Mithya.

When questioned about his barely recognizable bearded look, Shorey revealed to WittyFeed about the play he is doing wherein he is playing Macbeth. “Well, the play is called ‘What Is Done, Is Done’. It is an adaptation of Macbeth. We kind of tell the story of Macbeth using clowns. So you are telling the story and making fun of it at the same time. But since Macbeth is such a dark subject itself, we got to explore the word of the scary clown, the angry clown, the vengeful clown, and the jealous clown… so all that was great fun. We are performing it at Sri Fort on the 15th of April in Delhi and it has been touring all over India in the last few months and it’s been absolutely great,” explained Shorey.

Ranvir Shorey (right) in Titli.

Shorey also shared details about his digital platform debut ‘Metropark’. “It is set New Jersey and it is about the lives of Indian immigrants living in the US. I am waiting for it to come out. I have tried not to be a part of everything since a lot of content is going out on digital. I am kind of holding out and waiting for 'Metropark' to come out,” explained Shorey. 

Ranvir Shorey in Moh Maya Money.

Shorey also talked about his upcoming projects. “There is ‘A Death in the Gunj’, which is Konkana’s film. Then there is another children’s film that I have done called ‘Tennis Buddies’ which might come out later this year. Then of course there is Nila Madhab Panda’s ‘Kadvi Hawa’ which is a film that I am very excited about because that’s also a fabulous film, really good cinema, I think. It has Sanjay Mishra in the lead and I am playing a supporting part,” said Shorey.