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The Shocking Reason Why This Divorced Couple Still Takes Yearly Photos Together

When we say a family is everything, we mean it. Some people never leave their family's side no matter what happens. That's what divorced couple, Victoria Baldwin and Adam Dyson are doing for a few years now.  They have a 4-year-old son, Bruce, who they love with all their heart. Every year, they get together to pose for a family portrait. The three of them have continued the practice even after the couple got divorced.  Despite being divorced, the couple sends out their photos and pretty much pose as a family.  Read also - 10 Weird Habits That Every Couple Possess

The tradition started long ago. 

When Victoria was pregnant with Bruce, she and her husband came up with the idea. They have taken a few intimate photos together and they wanted to continue the tradition. 

They thought of an amazing concept. 

Next year, they posed with young Bruce in their arms while they were still together. Read also - 9 Things Every Couple Must Do When They Fight

Things didn't change even after they got divorced. 

The couple got divorced in 2015, but they let the tradition go on. Every year, they take a family portrait with their little son. 

Victoria recently shared a post on Facebook. 

She said that she and Adam might not be in love anymore, but they still care about each other and moreover, they love their son equally. 

They are doing this for their son. 

So what happens when Victoria or Adam have someone new in their lives? 

This topic hasn't been discussed yet. 

None of them have been involved in long-term relationships since their divorce, but that's a possibility in the future.