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Pictures Of Kids That Prove How They Wanted To Be The Forever 'Only Child' 

I remember I was like an entertaining bear to my elder sister in our childhood. She used to get me balloons, chocolates, and ice cream. We had a perfect relationship similar to that of Tom & Jerry.But not every child welcomes their younger ones as well invited newborns. While the arrival of another child brings a new era of excitement and a fresh air of happiness in the family, some children aren't quite so convinced. The elder ones sometimes get insecure that they would have to share their parent's affection. As much as this may sound wrong, the children are never wrong on their part as love and attention are something that everyone seeks, be it the elders.However, we don't know if you have witnessed such a situation or not, but here, we have a few pictures of a bunch of unhappy kids giving you a taste of sibling rivalry.

#1 Does she even know the meaning of the gesture she's making? 

Kids are innocent and whatever they do is driven by nothing but their absolute innocence. They do not think much as the adults do before making a decision or before expressing what they're feeling at any moment. This, in fact, makes them even more special and in no case can we question how they react to a new thing happening to them.

#2 She surely doesn't know that her un-acceptance is being captured.

#3 Being straight and honest.

#4 The pregnancy announcement has been declared on an official level.

#5 Oh little boy... your elder brother now has two younger siblings and you can't even bear one?

#6 He's teaching us the 'unacceptable way' of holding a baby.

#7 Pretty girl does not even know the formula of a 'fake smile'.

#8 Oh! The newborn seems used to this behaviour of her elder sister.

#9 Hey, hey... stop bending his hand!

#10 See the younger one is still calm, not complaining. 

#11 Dear parents, I think it's time for you to say 'not again'.