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Crazy Embarrassing Incidents Shared By People While Staying Over At A Friend's House 

The very idea of a “sleepover” or “staying over for the weekend at a friend’s place” excited us to no bounds. As kids, we looked forward to such refreshing breaks from our monotonous schedules and did everything to convince our parents for it. Though most of us enjoy recalling those happy and exciting times and have funny sagas to share, there are a few of us who have had our fair share of embarrassments while staying over at our friend’s. Here are some such incidents that people shared on reddit.com, and they are pretty awkward.

When washing dishes is a big deal!

At a buddies house in like 4th grade. Him and his little brother were arguing about whose turn it was to do the dishes. The dad got pissed grabbed them both by the head and slammed them together. It made that lovely THWACK sound. They both started crying and the dad turns and says to me "you think theyll do the dishes now?". I was quite scared and left asap.

The adoption secret leaked.

The time when, at age 9, I marched up to my best friend Becky's mom and said, "Becky isn't adopted! Joe just said that she was adopted!" (Joe was her older brother)Becky's mom just stood there, awkwardly, then said it was time for me to go home.Turns out Becky was adopted.Her parents hadn't told her yet.I have no idea why her brother felt the need to tell me and not his sister.

Boozing followed by puking.

My friends sister had a birthday-party and i was invited (we were 16). We got really drunk (my friend for the first time ,where i live it is legal to get drunk at 16) and when we went home i slept in his bed. My friends bed is really high up like +2 meters and i puked in the middle of the night on him (he slept on the floor) resulting in splashing all over his room. I spend the rest of the night cleaning his room.The next day i got invited for lunch and they made special food for his sister birthday and i could not make eye contact with anyone... so embarrassing.He is still one of my best friends and his room smelled for another 6 month because of my vomiting. Always have a good laugh when we think about this story.

Apt time to announce a divorce.

I was at my best friend of 10 years's house, and in the middle of dinner with his family, his parents decided to announce to their children (and me) that they would be getting a divorce and splitting up the family. My friend didn't talk much that night, and the worst part was that I couldn't leave, because my parents were out of town and I was staying with them.

Grand theft poopy pants.

When I was in the fourth grade, I had a friend who I spent every weekend with. We stayed at his house and watched movies or played games. This particular day, we were about 5 hours into a Grand Theft Auto play through. We ran out of things to talk about, so we had been pretty quiet for a while. He turned to me, with the biggest smile on his face, and let out one of the biggest farts I've ever heard. I knew that I had to try to beat his fart, so I let one out. It wasn't as loud, but it was much longer. We both sat there for a bit laughing, when he lets another one rip. It was even louder and longer then both of our other farts combined. " Try and beat that one" he said. I prepped myself, getting ready for the fart of my life. I looked him in the eyes and let that fart fly. Only, there was no fart, but the was a filling feeling in my pants. "Are you going to do it?" He hadn't caught on that I just filled my pants with shit right in his room. I told him that he beat me and I excused myself to the bathroom. I sat there for 20 minutes trying to figure out what to do. I finally made my decision. I emptied his bathroom garbage, took the bag and stuck my poopy underwear in it. I stuck the bag in my pocket and left the bathroom. "Hey man, what took so long?" "I'm leaving." "Why?" "Shut up." I ran towards the door, jumped on my shitty bmx bike, and peddled as fast as I could back to my house.

Forced to watch the food channel.

My best friend and I were staying at this girls house and then my best friend leaves because she's sick. I wasn't fond of the girl and her family so I thought I'll call my dad to come home. I guess I figured the bathroom was sound proof so I call my dad saying "I want to come home now" and "my best friend left and I don't even like this girl". Turns out the girl and her mom heard everything. I get thoroughly bitched out by the mom and am forced to watch the food channel until my dad picks me up. I got yelled at again by the mom and then left.

Friend’s mom forgets to pick her up.

How about while a friend was staying at my house?Friend was supposed to spend the night, but her mom didn't come to pick her up in the morning. Or the morning after that. I don't remember how long she stayed, but after 2-4 days, my mom eventually drove my friend to her [my friend's] grandmother's house.

The code - "I forgot my toothbrush".

I went to spend the night with a girl from class for the first time. I was excited too. She was one of those girls everyone was afraid of and I was really timid and shy. Within an hour of getting there, her mom and sister got into a huge screaming argument. The mom stabbed herself in the leg with a butchers knife... as a result of the fight? I'm not sure why. Her dad loaded up the mom, sister, my friend and me into their tiny car to take the mom to the hospital. The mom was stating the whole time she wouldn't go in. We all sat in the parking lot as they argued for about an hour. We drove back to her house without going into the ER. Mom, sister, and dad began fighting again. This was around midnight. I called my mom to "check in and tell her goodnight" and gave her the secret phrase to come home ("I forgot to bring my toothbrush!") We feigned a family emergency and she came to get me. Never did get an offer to sleep over again.

Humped by friend’s dog.

I got up to pee in the middle of the night. My friends dog knocked me over, held me down, and started humping me.I was maybe 8. Very small and thin, I couldn't fight the dog off. Thank God I was wearing pants and not a gown.I basically had to lay there until he was done. I still don't like big dogs to this day.

Opening the door to an evil aunt.

I was at a group sleepover for a neighbor's birthday party. At night when I wanted to sleep, the girls were being way too loud. So, I went to go sleep in her brother's room (He was out at his own sleepover).I opened the door and saw that their aunt was in the bed. No big deal, except she shouted "Close the door or I'll slit your fucking throat."I was nine.

Peed in the pants and saved the embarrassment by friend’s mom.

My friends mom, Mrs. A was an amazing woman! When I was around seven I was attending a sleepover at my friend's house. We were getting ready for bed, a few of us were waiting in the hall, and one of the other girls was taking forever in the bathroom.... I had to go really bad. Mrs. A was standing in the hallway near me when it happened; I lost control and peed my pants right there.Luckily, none of the others noticed it except Mrs. A. You know what that wonderful woman did? She suddenly shrieks something about a spider and "accidentally" throws the glass of juice she happened to be holding ALL over me! She made a big enough fuss to draw all attention away from me, grabbed a towel and wrapped me up while apologizing profusely about how she's terrified of spiders and lost control. She gave me spare pajamas to wear while she washed my clothes and had me take a shower so I wouldn't attract ants.None of the other girls had any idea what really happened and thought Mrs. A was nuts. She's my hero.

The poop-ster.

Had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and ended up plugging the toilet. I figured if I keep flushing it'll go down. Nope, flooded the bathroom with poop water.Another time, same friend same toilet also in the middle of the night, the water pipe was frozen but I really had to go. So I ended up leaving a big rank pile of liquidy shit in the dry bowl. In the morning the whole downstairs smelled awful and his parents wouldn't make eye contact.

Saw friend’s dad getting railed!

I was supposed to meet my friend at his house at around 5 because he had some appointment with his mom. I get there at probably 4:45 and head up to their back deck (my house was a couple blocks behind his so I always came this way). So I go up to their big glass doors and I see his dad getting railed by the next door neighbor. I have never told him this but I can never be in a room alone with his dad again.

The great sleep piss.

When I was pretty young, say 6 or 7, I was staying over at one of my good friends' houses. I stayed there a lot, so her parents knew that I would sometimes sleepwalk.What they did not expect was for me to sleepwalk to their kitchen, put an apple in the toaster, pull down my pajamas, and pee on the kitchen floor. Right in front of both of my friend's parents. Apparently I thought I was in a bathroom.These same parents still bring this incident up at dinner parties. There's no living down the shame of The Great Sleep Piss.