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Instagram Star 'Hana The Kitten' Took The Internet By Storm With Her Immense Cuteness

This adorable ball of fur is Hana. She is a 3-year-old Scottish fold kitten and she already has a fan following.  Hana the kitten has over 250k followers on Instagram and the number increases every day. The big-eyed and pink-nosed cat is not only adorable but calm and composed as well. When she's not laying around, she likes playing with her fellow bird-friend-Sai, eating noodles and getting massages. Look at these videos and pictures of her being adorable in her everyday life. Also read: 15 Evil Cats Conspiring your Demise.

Here she is ready for a deep sleep.

Look at that bunny... Or is it?

Aren't those big eyes just hypnotising?

Look at her being lazy and cute.

She looks way too innocent in this one.

Just having a laugh for some reason.

This is her " Does my butt look big?" pose.

Hana hanging out with her friends.

From the looks of it, noodles make her a happy kitten.

Isn't she just adorable?

She looks so annoyed with those toys.

Her "Where have you been" look!

What Hana wants after an exhausting day.