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Devastating Photographs Of The 9/11 Attack On Pentagon Which FBI Has Re-Released

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on March 31 re-released the photos that were taken when a hijacked American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the side of the Pentagon, which killed all 64 people on board, along with 125 people who were inside the Pentagon. This included 70 civilians and 55 military men. The incident left 106 people injured. American Airlines Flight 77 was traveling from Dulles, Virginia, to Los Angeles on the morning of September 11, 2001, when it was hijacked by al-Qaeda terrorists.Luckily, the plane struck the portion of the building that was under renovation. Otherwise, the death toll would have been higher.The posting of the photos misled people into thinking that they were not seen before. FBI spokesperson Jillian Stickles said photos had disappeared from the site due to the technical error. The FBI later restored the pictures for public view.The plane which hit the Pentagon was the third of the four attacks. It happened 30 to 45 minutes after the Word Trade Centre towers were hit in New York. The total number of people killed in the 9/11 attacks was 2,996, while more than 6,000 were injured, making it the single worst act of terrorism in history.The photos show the first responders battling the stubborn flames for days. The airline had made a hole in the structure, about 100 yards deep. They also show the plane debris and the FBI team on sight. The officers spent days trying to recover bodies hidden in the debris.

Flames didn't extinguish for days.

The FBI in action when the plane hit The Pentagon.

There was so much rubble!

The fire fighters who tried to do their best.

Officials on sight. 

The massive hole that was 100 yards deep.

People tried to clear the building debris as soon as possible.

Dogs were made to sniff for survivors.

The horrible incident from a distance.

Officials walked through the rubble carrying their protective gear in their hands.