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SHAME: 11-Year-Old Physically Challenged Girl Raped In Jagannath Temple

I am feeling disgusting while I'm writing this. Every part of me is still not able to believe that a human being can go down to this level and commit anything of this sort. May God never forgive you... In a very shocking news coming from the eastern part of India, a minor girl is reported to have been raped. Let me give you all the info that I could gather from sources.

The victim is an 11-year-old girl!

Yes, and the girl also is physically challenged. Only a pervert in worst of the state of mind can do something like this.Note: The image above has nothing to do with the original story.

Lord Jagannath Temple

This is disturbing but the place where this saddening incident took place is the very popular Lord Jagannath Temple in Baripada, Odisha.

What exactly happened?

The crime took place when the girl entered the temple for 'Darshan' late on Friday night, 31st March 2017 (the temple premise was almost empty). The whole incident was reported by the Police on Sunday.

A 28-year-old youth took her advantage!

The guy allegedly dragged her to the bathing mundap of Lord and committed the unforgivable crime.

Girl was admitted to SCB medical college (Cuttack).

The condition of the victim was told to be critical. However, the perpetrator was spotted and captured as he was trying to flea.

What Police has to say?

Baripada sub-collector S K Purohit visited the site and sanctioned a sum of 10000/- for the treatment of the victim, officials said.WittyFeed with its readers prays for the brave girl's life and also hopes that the guy gets the punishment that he deserves.