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10 Greatest TV Actors Of The 21st Century

TV series(s) have been gaining more popularity in recent years. One of the main reason for this can be the ease of viewing. Here we have a list of ten greatest TV actors of the 21st century.

1. James Spader (The Practice, Boston Legal, The Blacklist)

There are many actors who gain popularity of one particular character in a TV series. They might or might not perform well in other ventures. James Spader is one such actor who has proved his brilliance of acting again and again over the period of his career. What makes him a great actor is that he has portrayed different characters with numerous traits and to combine them all together is not an easy task. Spader has played the most complex characters with consistency and hence is truly a great actor.

Suits is a very popular courtroom drama series but those who have seen Boston Legal can argue about which one’s best. His portrayal of Alan Shore gave him much deserved acclaim giving him 3 Emmy wins and a nomination for two different TV series along with a nomination at Golden Globes. He currently stars as Raymond Reddington in The Blacklist for which he has already picked 2 Golden Globe nominations. Not many people are aware that he is the one who played the supervillain Ultron in the second Avengers movie. It is sad that the simplicity of this man never allowed him to gain mass popularity, but this is one actor who deserves your time.

2. James Gandolfini (The Sopranos)

James Gandolfini appeared as an Italian-American crime boss Tony Soprano in the TV series Sopranos. Gandolfini was perfect in his portrayal of the lead character and had a connection with the viewers owing to his great skills of acting. It was not only about his acting, but it was also the way he took it up to the character and getting into its skin. No wonder he received enormous love for his portrayal of Tony Soprano giving him 3 Emmy Awards, 3 SAG awards, and a Golden Globe Award. It is sad that he is not with us now.

3. Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad, Malcolm in the Middle)

Anthony Hopkins called his acting as the best he has ever seen and called him a great, great actor. Cranston is crazily popular worldwide for his brilliant portrayal of Walter White in Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad is considered one of the greatest TV show ever created and hence ranks at the top at the IMDb. A character who does everything illegally and is a criminal, Walter White garnered a huge fan base, and this depicts the great work of Mr. Cranston.

4. Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones)

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular TV show ever made, and it has the plethora of characters. Dinklage’s character of Tyrion Lannister is a definitive standout in the show. He is one of the few actors who can literally act with his eyes.  Although there will always be a debate as who is better amongst Dinklage, Charles Dance and Conleth Hill in GoT, Peter Dinklage will always gain more support from his fans because of the character he has played.

5. Hugh Laurie (House, The Night Manager)

Hugh Laurie has himself called it a nightmare to play Dr. House, and we can totally understand why. Perhaps one of the most complex characters ever created in the history of television and to portray it convincingly is a sign of brilliance of Mr. Laurie as an actor.

6. Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory)

Comic actors usually don’t receive the appreciation they deserve and hence miss out on getting critical acclaim, unlike the ones to play more serious roles. However, there will be very few who would deny the talent of Jim Parsons. Parsons as Sheldon Cooper has given us numerous moments of laughter and a character which is annoying, lovable, funny, sarcastic at the same time.

7. Kevin Spacey (House of Cards)

There is no denying that Kevin Spacey is a very talented actor. With 2 Oscars in his shelf, he had already marked a nice career for him. House of Cards introduced him to the television, and since then his popularity has achieved completely different levels. This is also a reflection of the power that TV possess. Spacey is totally brutal and honest in his portrayal of Frank Underwood and will be remembered for a long time for this character.

8. Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock)

Sherlock is a perfect example of “quality over quantity.” Many actors have played Sherlock Holmes but to be considered the best amongst all is a proof that Benedict Cumberbatch has done a great job playing his part.

9. Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad)

Walter White got all the love from the fans Breaking Bad, but the character of Jesse Pinkman is equally complicated and has its own backdrop. Aaron Paul Johnson has been consistent from the beginning of the series to the very end and delivered a mind blowing performance. He received 3 Emmy wins and 2 nominations with a Golden Globes nomination as well for playing Jesse Pinkman.

10. Charlie Sheen (Two And a Half Men)

This might be the most debatable name in the list, and many people can disagree with this. Sheen played the character of Charlie Harper which is often considered similar to his personal life by viewers. The show lost its charm a lot of viewership too after the departure of Charlie Sheen. His character can be seen as simple and easy to play but to turn such an easy role into one of the most popular characters of all time; Sheen did put his efforts for it. The highest paid TV actor of his time, Charlie Sheen might not have done great work other than this, but he deserves recognition for his portrayal of Charlie Harper.Honorable Mentions -William Shatner (Boston Legal)Jon Hamm (Mad Men)Kiefer Sutherland (24)Nathan Fillion (Castle)Martin Sheen (The West Wing)Tony Shalhoub (Monk)