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Dubai's Floating Villa With Underwater Bedroom Will Give Your Dreamhouse Wings

Arabian Gulf is beckoning you to unwind by watching sea creatures and plants from close quarters as you stay under pristine waters.Have a look at natural beauty as you stay enveloped in luxury. 

The villa has three levels.

The main floor is at the sea level, there is an upper deck, and a lower level, that is completely underwater. Woww!

The villa has a large floating deck for you to revel in the sun. 

The easy access to water just by the side of the deck lures you to take a dive into the crystal clear water.

The master bedroom in the lower level is simply breathtaking!

It is equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows, which provide an uninterrupted and serene view of the flora and fauna in the sea around the villa.

The real estate group which built villas calls them boats, and not villlas.

It is a stationary boat that has a fully-equipped kitchen and a glass-bottomed jacuzzi. t can accommodate eight adults and eight children. 

These homes have been sold for $1.8 million each.

The real estate agency claims to have sold around 60 Seahorses in 2015. They are called 'The Floating Seahorse' villas. Similar: This can be the first floating city to exist in the future.

The villa is the result of an extensive research of more than 5,000 hours and...

.. 13,000 hours of design and engineering. 

Just look at the vibrant bedrooms, they will propel anyone to pack bags and run for it.

See its spectacular deck.

Real estate agency Kleindienst Group has constructed these villas. They are a part of the company's 'Heart of Europe' development plan. Located 2.5 miles off Dubai seashore, one can reach them through seaplanes, boats. Floating jetties can be used to shuttle between the islands.