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Architecture Gets a Lit'l Freaky; Plans of a Suspended Skyscraper Have Left People Gaping!

If you are still in awe of the Burj Khalifa (Dubai) and Turning Torso (Malmö) and wonder at their amazing architecture, then you might want to hold on to something before reading ahead. Here is an insane idea that found its source in a New York design firm Clouds Architecture Office and has taken the world by storm with its bizarre plans. The firm has revealed that it wants to construct a suspended skyscraper – yes you read that right! And this outlandish idea doesn’t end here. There’s more to it, much more! We know questions are already bombarding your head and here we are with the answers.

The hanging skyscraper.

The suspended skyscraper that has been envisioned as the tallest building in the world (it would be wrong to say tallest building “on earth”) will not have its foundation on earth but will be hanging over our planet. It has been named Analemma.

Where will it hang from?

Now that Earth as a base is ruled out, where will it find its support from? Well, the answer is an asteroid. Analemma will be suspended from an asteroid with a high-strength cable holding its weight!

...and it won’t be stationary!

Sounds exciting, isn’t it? To add to the elation is another fact that sounds just out of the world. Analemma won’t be stationed at a place; it will be traveling thousands of miles every day between the northern and southern hemisphere in a figure of eight loops. While it orbits the earth, the residents will get to enjoy a flawless view around the world.I’m freaking out already!

Where will it be constructed?

As the tower will be hanging from an asteroid, it does not need to be constructed at the exact point of the host location. After its construction, it can be transported anywhere. However, looking at its futuristic design, they have zeroed in on Dubai to be hosting this incredible skyscraper; after all, Dubai is already home to some of the most amazing architectural designs on earth and will cost one-fifth the New York City construction.If you are wondering about the feasibility of this design, then the firm’s website has something to say, “Analemma inverts the traditional diagram of an earth-based foundation, instead depending on a space-based supporting foundation from which the tower is suspended. This system is referred to as the Universal Orbital Support System (UOSS). By placing a large asteroid into orbit over earth, a high strength cable can be lowered towards the surface of earth from which a super tall tower can be suspended.”

How will it be segmented?

The lower end of the skyscraper i.e. the part closest to earth will be given over to the offices, and the segment above that will be assigned the agricultural area. About two-thirds of the way up, there will be sleeping quarters. The top of the tower will be exposed to an extra 40 minutes of daylight, thanks to the curvature of the earth it will be orbiting. (source)

Where will it draw its power from?

The skyscraper will draw its power from space-based solar panels, as per the firm. These solar panels will have continuous exposure to sunlight and hence will never run out of energy.

What will it be made of?

Ostap Rudakevych, the designer of Analemma tower told CNN that lightweight and durable materials like aluminum and carbon fiber could be used in the construction of this freakishly amazing structure.He told NBC News MACH, "If you look at the history of architecture, buildings have been getting taller and lighter over the past thousands of years. In the past two centuries, we've had the aerial age and space age begin. So our belief is that it is only a matter of time before buildings become ungrounded."

The interesting figures.

As per the proposal, the top of the tower will sit at 32,000m, and its anticipated speed will be 300mph traveling through the sky. Rudakevych envisions parachutes or large passenger drones as a medium of transport between the earth and Analemma.

What inspired this design?

Rudakevych’s response to what inspired such a project is, “Since humans have emerged from caves our buildings have been growing ever taller and lighter. We believe that some day buildings will break free from earth’s surface, releasing us from harmful floods, earthquakes, and tsunamis. Analemma Tower is a speculative idea for how this might be achieved sometime in the future."We do not know if it’s the evolving space technology or a sci-fi movie that gave birth to this insane idea, what we do know is that as and when this project will be successful, we will have an escape route in times of natural calamities.