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Actor-Director Rahul Bose Talks To WittyFeed And Reveals The Secrets Of His Upcoming Movie 'Poorna'

WittyFeed caught up with actor-director Rahul Bose at the red carpet of his upcoming film Poorna which was attended by several public figures including Mr. Shashi Tharoor. Poorna tells the remarkable story of a tribal girl from Telangana who overcame enormous odds to become the youngest girl in history to scale the highest peak of Mount Everest. 'Poorna' is Bose’s second directorial venture--the first being Everybody Says I'm Fine (2001). 'Poorna' stars Aditi Inamdar in the titular role and co-stars Arif Zakaria, Dhritiman Chatterjee, and Bose himself. The film is produced by Rahul Bose Productions in collaboration with Raay Media Pvt. Ltd. and Amit Patni. A special screening of the film was recently arranged for the Honorable President at the Rashtrapati Bhawan.

Member of Parliament, Shashi Tharoor with Poorna Malavath.

While talking to WittyFeed during an exclusive interview, Rahul Bose revealed how he got associated with the project in the first place. “I was offered the role of Dr. R. S. Praveen Kumar who is Poorna’s mentor. I loved the story so much that I offered to produce it and the writer said ‘fine’. Production led to the direction, and here I am,” explained Bose.

Member of Parliament, Shashi Tharoor with Aditi Inamdar.

When asked to share his experience on the transition from acting to direction, he told WittyFeed that it was no big challenge as he already directed a film 16 years back. “You don’t forget how to cycle once you have learned it. I think what was exciting this time was that I was working in digital. Earlier I had shot on film. So now it was about VFX. It was about finding the right match with digital. It was about rolling the camera fearlessly while actors kept making mistakes. Those things were very interesting,” said Bose.

Actor-Director Rahul Bose, Aditi Inamdar, and Poorna Malavath with Shashi Tharoor. 

When asked by WittyFeed about the difficulties he faced while raising the funding for Poorna, Bose asserted, “To tell you the truth, I have never faced a problem. I raised the money for 'Everybody Says I'm Fine' in 33 days and I raised the money for 'Poorna' in 4 months.” However, he did acknowledge the importance to recover the money. “Of course, it is important. Because if a film doesn’t make money, the next film doesn’t get made. This is a big film with a little girl. If this doesn’t make money then they won’t make big films with little girls,” explained Bose.

Rahul Bose and team with the Honorable President at Rashtrapati Bhawan.

Bose then went on to share his vision behind making Poorna with WittyFeed. “This is the film about India at its best. This is a film about India working to pick up a poor, under-educated Adivasi girl from Telangana and putting on top of Everest. It’s her will, her skill, and determination. Many girls, many kids, many human beings in this country don’t get a chance to climb their Everest. This is that. It is how the system worked for this girl.  How India works. And when Indian works it is beautiful. It is a glorious place. Unfortunately, India works like this once in a blue moon. However, the bottom line is that it can always, always absolutely be done in this country. You just have never to give up,” said Bose.

Rahul Bose on the sets of Poorna.

“I am writing one in my head about a woman. She is everywhere in Bombay (sic), and yet no one sees her; not the actual plot but a character. It will be like a City of Gods--very gritty but with big warm heart--and it will have its layers, but it would be dark and funny,” answered Bose in a pensive tone when asked about his upcoming project(s).

Rahul Bose as Dr. Kumar in Poorna.

When questioned about how he sees the future on independent cinema in a country India, Bose told WittyFeed, “I think the studio system is slowly but surely understanding that content is going to be king, sooner or later. When that starts to happen then automatically independent cinema is where the good scripts are found. They are the ones who would start to assert themselves. Unlike America where independent cinema is almost totally gobbled up by the studios, I think here in India there will be a healthy relationship between independent filmmakers and studios. I can’t name the film, but a very big film recently released without the studio and made 65 crores.”

Aditi Inamdar in and as Poorna.