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Check Out What These Amazing Places Looked Like Before They Became Actual Cities

Just like everything, cities of the world have their history. The population that used to live there, the culture, food habits, dressing codes, etc. Every city tells a different story. A place like Paris has an extensive history since it is nearly 2,000 years old, but in comparison, some cities like Syndey are only 200 years old. But all of them depict a different scenic mood. Here are some pictures of grand cities before they became the epicenter of the population. Via BusinessInsider 

1. Rio de Janeiro in 1565. 

At that time, it was ruled by the Portguese colonists. 

Current view of the city. 

With a beautiful mix of cultures, Rio de Janeiro still stands out as one of the most wonderful tourist attractions.

2. New York in 1651. 

It was known as the new-age 'Amsterdam' then. 

Coming to the 1800s. 

New York's population rose from 1.5 million to nearly 5 million during the 1700-1800 period. Along with the population being tripled, many immigrants from different parts of the world came to make New York their home city. 

Manhattan Bridge in 1909. 

The city focused greatly on its infrastructure and Manhattan was one such successful project. 

New York, right now. 

The city is home to 8.4 million who are the best in their respective fields. It is gloriously beautiful with various attractions. Read also - 12 Best Stories Of Humans In New York

3. Tokyo in 1868. 

It was known as the Japanese fishing village. 

In 1905. 

Tokyo had started to take industrialization very seriously. This is what the city looked like after the Russo-Japanese war. 

This is what Tokyo looks like now. 

It is the largest city in the world and it's hustling with people all the time. It has a population of 13 million. 

4. Paris.

Initially, the Celtic tribes that were known as the Parisii, that set up an establishment in Paris. 

Paris in the 1400s. 

Paris was known as the popular city of Europe by this time. 

Right now. 

It is known to be the epicenter of fashion and is one of the most loved cities in the world. Read also - Magnificent Images Of Paris 

5. Sydney was founded in 1788. 

By the time it was 1844, the city had a population of nearly 40,000 people. 

Sydney in 1900s. 

Sydney was bustling with people like any other busy city. 

Sydney, as we know it now. 

It's now famous for being Australia's most populated cities supporting nearly 4.2 million people.