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Your Relationship Will Die If You Adopt These Spoilers Soon After Moving Together

You may have known each other for months and decades, but the real test of compatibility starts when you let someone live, breathe, bathe and even snore in your space. While the idea of staying under the same roof is exciting but most of getting entangled in the mundane – unnerving differences usually based on habits or choices.Here are a few common spoilers that most couples face soon after they decide to move in together!

Let’s start with the bedroom 

A place where most couples have the best of their intimate times too can get into a war zone if the partners have different preferences. For e.g., the room temperature, snoring habits, bed sharing – which side of the bed should you take, should you cuddle while you sleep or do you just sleep in different corners soon after the love making.

The toilet fuss

Who takes more time, who goes in first who messes up the toiletries?

Laundry and wardrobe 

It gets messy when one of the partners has an obsessive compulsive disorder while the other is more carefree about their stuff – maybe just those disorganized organized kinds and you simply freak out on them.

Food & kitchen habits

The super romantic dinner dates start to get nightmarish the moment you think about managing groceries and supplies. What to eat, when to eat – eat together or not, why did you not wait for me to why couldn’t you cook something that I like and blah blah blah! The crib list continues...

Time together

The good part about the pre – move in phase is that when your partner comes out on a date with you, you get his/her undivided attention. When you start living with the same partner, suddenly you have to chase him/her for that special attention. He /she would prefer being on the mobile device, the PC, or engrossed in his book or TV program so much that you would keep yapping away to glory and he wouldn’t have heard a word of what you said.

Hanging out

The days you want to go out, your partner wants to rest, and the situation can be true vice versa too – best not to sulk about those nights and make up for them with some romance.


When you move in together — married or not — you get in the inner periphery of the family. No matter how loving they are, everyone has their quirks, and one needs to learn to deal with them. Some people have to navigate the in-laws who keep coming over on the numerous family get-together expectations. It is true that frequent visits or instructions of in-laws can jeopardize even the most romantic equations. The only trick to safeguard your equations – with your partner and family – is balance – give each one their due share of you/your love.


Living together comes with financial responsibilities, and with money things can escalate quickly. It works out best if the couple has complete clarity on their financial expectations from each other or the ways in which they expect support from each other so that they don’t feel let down when things turn around.


Seeing each other’s face every day of their lives can probably make it monotonous, and that’s why it is important that the partners do have a healthy balance between the time spent with self, their friends, pursuing their own hobby and the time they spend with their partner.