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Video Showing A Dangerous Cobra Drinking Water From The Bottle Of A Policeman Will Shock You

With the disastrous drought hitting the world of Kaiga Township in Karnataka (India), have a look at the pinched outcomes of the threatful lives there. Not only humans but animals are also bearing the pain of this barbarous calamity. We can peek out of the windows of reality and see how drought impelled a wicked Cobra to peacefully drink water from a villager's bottle.

How Dangerous Can A Cobra Be?

Do you know the venom of a cobra is so powerful that it can kill an elephant? Their charm, prideful stand and poisonous venom have made them honoured as well as formidable. 

This video of a helpless cobra will put a question in your mind that how is he dealing with the cruelty of nature.

Seriously, hats off to the person who is managing to do something like this for a giant Cobra. 

The thin rod was enough for them to take control of the snake by distracting it.

This is how they got to know about the reactions of the cobra by putting some water on his head.

Have a look at the video of 12-foot long cobra who is calmly enjoying the water.