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Remembering Ellie Walton: The Brave Little Girl Who Battled Cancer Her Entire Short Life

When she was just four months old, Ellie Walton was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which ultimately grew up to a third the size of her brain. Sadly she lost her battle in January of this year.Even though she was very young, Ellie was a very brave little girl who fought her ailment like a true little hero.Hereunder is her story. 

Horrid news

As stated in my opening paragraph, when Ellie Walton was just four months old, she was diagnosed with a very rare type of brain tumor called desmoplastic infantile ganglioglioma/astrocytoma.

A difficult battle 

Over the course of her short life, Ellie underwent many rounds of chemotherapy and had numerous surgeries in an effort to beat her cancer.

Prayers for Ellie Walton

Her parents set up a Facebook page on which they documented her battle with cancer and requested prayers from followers around the world.

Postcards for Ellie

Early in 2016, Ellie’s mom requested that friends and followers send the little girl postcards from every State in America, since it gave her much pleasure receiving these little souvenirs from others. Ellie landed up not only receiving hundreds of postcards from America but from the rest of the world as well.

Ellie with her postcards

As can be seen from the image above, the postcards did indeed serve as an exciting distraction for the little girl. 

Her battle is lost!

Tragically, in January of this year, Ellie lost her battle.

A gift for others!

Even in death, Ellie has been a great inspiration to others in that through the means of organ donation, she has enabled two organ donation receivers to have the gift of sight.

A heartbreaking image and message.

On the 16th of March, Ellie’s mother posted the image above on Ellie’s Facebook page with the following (unaltered) heartbreaking message/caption to accompany it: “You should be here. We made you a custom urn, you would love it, baby girl. Unfortunately, temporary urns are just boxes, that wasn't good enough for you, so I decorated it, until your perfect urn comes in. Driving you home the other day, I was scared, but buckling you in felt normal. Even though None of this is normal, none of this is right. You should be here. Death is so selfish baby girl. My heart is broken. I'm literally hurting and torn, I know [you’re] in a better place, and yet no place is better than in my arms. I know your happy and pain free, and yet I want you here. It's been two months since I last kissed your cheek or played with your hair. It's been two months of pure torture, agony, and despair. All I want back is our daily life, whatever they entailed, I want it back. I want hospital visits back, and chemo back, I want your laughter, and your joyous heart back. The things that brought my heart so much pain, only a few months ago, I so desperately want back today. Life's not fair, baby girl, you know that better than anyone. I do know that your life brought me so much joy, and looking back, I'm thankful that I made sure to tell you every single day just how much I loved you. I will forever be grateful to have been your mommy. Baby girl I don't want you watching over me thinking that your passing only causes me pain. You see baby girl, I would gladly take this pain over and over again if it meant that I got to be your momma. Cause, had I never known you, I would have never known pure happiness, I would have never known to live every moment as your last, and I would have never known what true bravery, strength, and courage looked like. This will change, baby girl, I will make it change. I never want another mom to feel this way, and I will fight for these other kids so that no other mom has to buckle in ashes of their babies. Because you have always been worth #morethan4.”Rest in Peace, sweet girl!Debbie Nel