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Justin Bieber Ready To Make His Indian Television Debut, But... It Isn't With Kapil Sharma!

Justin Bieber is all set to commence his 'Purpose' world tour in India which is apparently the biggest hustle in the Indian subcontinent. As the sensational pop-artist is arriving on the Indian land for the first time, many rumors have climbed their way up to the charts. One of the rumors which has made a lot of people interested in this tour to juggle their minds with is, Bieber will be featured on an Indian TV show with the most controversial celebrity of the country. Oh yeah!The Canadian pop star will be firing up the stage on Wednesday and if everything goes as planned, he might also get featured with Karan Johar on his controversial talk show, Koffee with Karan. The same show where celebrities are pushed in a way to reveal the deepest of the secrets.

Bieber is coming to India for his 'Purpose' world tour 

Bieber will be performing on the D.Y. Patil Stadium in Mumbai on Wednesday, 10th May. 

Who would resist going to his concert after that 'Great Indian Namaste'

But with his arrival in the country, certain new rumors are also emerging.

Rumors about who will come and perform along with Bieber were just getting fired up and the next day a brand new stuff arrived in the newsstands.

Talks are that the Canadian Popstar will be featured on Karan Johar's show

Karan Johar, the famous movie director-producer, and a talk show host, who is referred to as the Ellen of India might take down Justin Bieber on his show. Well, only if Bieber gets enough time from his busy schedule. Sources tell that Karan has interviewed every A-listed celebrity of the show business and Bieber might just get added to KJo's list. 

But the Mumbai crowd are guaranteed to have their star performing for them

It is still an alleged rumor that Justin Bieber would come on Karan Johar's talk show and if he comes, this will really increase the perks for Bieber's Indian fans. Still, if JB doesn't come up on the show with Karan, his fans are sure to have one heck of a night on Wednesday in the D.Y. Patil stadium.

The crunchy combo of three

This special night will not only be starred by Justin Bieber, EDM artist and DJ Alan Walker and sensational star of Bollywood Sonakshi Sinha will also accompany him on this big event.

Kiku Sharda boasting off his Bieber concert tickets 

People on Twitter and Facebook flooded the #PurposeTourIndia showing their excitement for the upcoming JB concert.