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13 Things You Must Never Say To Your Girlfriend

Boys, each one of you loves your girlfriend a lot. But there are few things you must keep in mind if you want a successful and a happy relationship.There are certain things that irritate your girlfriend, and you must never dare to tell/ask them. So, be smart and have a happy life.

1. That woman is looking so sexy!

2. Baby, I am at work now.

3. Baby, you should join gym because you are getting fat.

4. Let's meet my parents at the dinner.

5. Boasting about yourself every time.

6. Why do you come late at night?

7. Do not drink alcohol without me.

8. We will have a baby just after one year of marriage.

9. Asking about her sexual past.

10. How many people you talk to daily?

11. Making comparison about happiness with other couples.