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10 Shocking Ways In Which Your City Is Fooling You To Control Your Actions

Have you seen some things around your city that were a bit weird and didn't make much sense? Well, you'll be glad to know that there are hidden motives behind the architecture and objects lying around in public places.These are a few modern and hostile designs that cities have started to adopt in order to control your actions and minimize the slacking off or lying around that often happens in public places around the city.Also read: This can be the first floating city to exist in the future

Fake cameras around the city.

To make people aware that they are being watched and have to be accountable for their actions.

Unpleasant half-benches.

You can't possibly rest or lie around with these in the equation, that way you won't stay long unless it's necessary.

Anti-grip metal poles.

Often people stick on advertisements & sign on poles, the texture on these poles will make sure that those stickers don't stay on.

Empty police vehicles lying around on every street.

This is to make sure that you know that there will be consequences in case someone decides to break the rules.

Studdings on the roads.

This one is to simply discourage the skateboarders from roaming carelessly.

Trash cans with small openings.

These will only allow small-sized trash to go in, while people have to handle the bigger trash themselves.Also read: Amazing artist turns trash into beautiful homes for the homeless.

Spikes under the bridge.

So that the homeless refrain from making the area as their night-time comfort zone.

Armrests on the benches.

Just so people won't be able to sleep or take up too much space.

Decorative structures in front of buildings.

These are set near buildings to make sure nobody can sleep in that area.

Weirdly shaped benches.

These would discourage people from staying there for too long.I don't know about you but some of these designs seem a bit cruel and hostile from the eyes of someone in dire need to rest, while others can prove to be useful for the betterment of the city. What's your opinion?