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Why Should We Celebrate The International Day Of The Unborn Child?

The International Day of Unborn Child is to celebrate the dignity and values of the human life. People also celebrate this day in the remembrance of unborn children who lost their lives in the brutality of abortion. The first country to celebrate this day was EI Salvador in 1993. After that, many countries followed the same path with their different observance and now the whole world celebrates this day on March 25.

Who took the initiative for this day?

This day was first introduced by Pope John Paul II in conjunction with the Feast of the Annunciation. Pope John Paul II was the holy father who allied this day to praise the unborn form of god in the wombs of divine mothers. The celebration of this day is not entirely Catholic, as the whole world celebrates it in their ways.

How people celebrate this event worldwide?

Many people from churches, schools and pro-life groups celebrate this event in their ways. Different churches across the world sing the melodious chants or pray the Rosary to offer blessings for the preborn. Some people spiritually embrace unborn souls and pray for their mothers. Some people take part in protesting march to government buildings, hospitals and abortion clinic centers. 

What is the goal of this celebration?

The main objective of this event is to STOP ABORTION. This day was started with a different objective, but now people celebrate it to protest against abortions. They know that sometimes abortion is a necessity, but any abortion without a medical reason is a crime. A major group of the Christian community is against to this practice and belief. 

Positive side of this event

The majority of Christians, Hindus, Muslims and different religions celebrate this day with all the happiness and excitement. One of the best things about this celebration is that it doesn't allow any discrimination in different religious groups.

Why is it important to celebrate this day?

We all know that abortion practices should be banned. Every child has the right to experience the beauty of this world. By celebrating this day, people try to experience the pain of those tortured souls, who were the victim of this awful violence. Their prayers and blessing to those unborn children are true and pure.

How can you celebrate this day?

Nobody is expecting you to do big things for this day. Just do something for those unborn children either by lighting candles in the church or by donating some useful stuff to poor kids. You can also take an initiative to organize some events in schools and colleges about the awareness of this day.