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"I Asked The Midwife To Take The Baby Out Of My Sight," Said Mother Of The Boy Branded As Alien

Khalida Begum, 35, from Bihar's Kathihar district gave birth to a baby boy on Monday night who has bulging eyes, thick skin and a head without skull. The baby boy, who is yet to be named, has been branded as an alien by local residents.Know the reason behind baby's strange features.

The baby was born with a small head and bulging eyes.

When Khalida Begum saw the newborn, she told midwife to take the baby away from her.  "I was so shocked and saddened by his birth that I asked the midwife to take the baby out of my sight," Khalida Begum said.

The strange looking baby boy. 

The local residents called the baby an alien when they first saw him. Some said he is incarnation of Hindu god Hanuman.

The doctors saidbaby has 'Harlequin ichthyosis'.

When a team of doctors examined the baby, they diagnosed the baby to be suffering from a rare disease called 'Harlequin ichthyosis'. It is a disease which deforms body organs and makes skin thick.

After several hours,  Khalida started to nurse the child.

After doctors explained her about the disease, Khalida Begum finally accepted the baby boy.